Xiaosi – Overture Island!


Xiaosi here, a new subber for the team! Born and live in this sunny island call Singapore! I’m 17 this year, 03oct92!

Proud to be a true red Cassie and true blue elfer!

& part of Hottest & Primanoona too! ^^

They made up my life more interesting than ever <3.

My subbing projects are still on-going, so I will update when it’s done and fully updated in this blog!

More details @ my blog > http://simplifiedd-sii.blogspot.com

& twitter > http://me2day.net/xiaosi-

Ciaoz! ^^


  1. ledoquyen · ·

    hey ^^~
    don’t tell me you know how to photoshop too XD
    love the sign above dear ^^~
    92 ? you gotta call me onnie =D 91 here <3~

  2. hehe, I thought it’s not important so I didn’t tell. xD but do let me know if you need any graphic help UNNIE!!! ^^
    Thank you for the compliment, hehe!

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