winterxstar – a starry island

Hello everyone~

This is winterxstar, or to make this easier on you, you can call me Kim! 😀
I am from the rainy, yet beautiful state of Oregon (United States).
Though I live in the states, I am full Laotian.
And I am currently a sophomore at college.

I am a timer, encoder and uploader. I have been a part of this subbing team for a while now, I would say. I would love to be a translator, but unfortunately I don’t speak Korean~ T_T

Either way, it has been a honor to be a part of this subbing team! And I have enjoyed working on these projects to give YOU, the fans, an opportunity to watch. So you can enjoy all these shows without having to worry about learning a whole new language quickly, haha XD Also, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us so far, so please continue to support us in the future~ much love to you all <33

My fandoms range from japanese to korean music. But I admit, I am obsessed with FT Island and have been for the past year or so. I mean, come on, these boys are too darn adorable to hate (especially Jaejin, hehe. He’s my favorite ft-i member, btw <3)! I am also a big fan of Epik High who will forever be my first loves ♥

Unlike most k-pop fans, I’m not really into the whole boy/girl idol fandom. And I’m not really sure why either, maybe it’s just not my thing XD My two biggest idol fandoms would definitely have to be F.T Island and Super Junior, who I have become interested in the past couple of years. Actually, I only started to like SJ this year after listening to their third album, haha 😀 And then I became more in love with them after watching their shows because they’re so hilarious (same way I got into f.t island~). Anyways, I guess you can say I’m more of the ballad/alternative/rock type, hehe XD But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to listen to catchy k-pop songs once in a while! That’s what I love about k-pop, and asian music in general, it’s just refreshing to listen to~

Other korean artists I like are Sung Si Kyung, Nell and many more (but these are my faves <3)

Projects I have participated in.
current project.

Good Daddy
episode 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Treasure Island
episode 2

Muscle Girl
episode 1, 5, 6

past projects.

110106 MTV Taiwan JP & SK Craze
110426 Strong Heart E74 (YH, JS) Cut
101021 Love Chaser (FT Island)
Idol Show
episode 5, 6
FT Island ZEPP TOUR – SF Heroes
FTIsland – Live-B with Becky
First Time Gag Show Ep. 2 (101110)
Late Night Variety – Night Star
Style Icon Awards-CNBlue Win Speech (101117)
TvN Behind the Story – FT Island (100928)
Happy Birthday Show Ep. 18
Brain Battle (080410)
Music Videos
FT Island – So Today…
Oh Wonbin – C’mon Girl
Oh Wonbin (feat. Miryo from BEG) – I love you and I love you
episode 1
Quiz Sixth Sense
episode 7
Maknae Rebellion
episode 6, 7, 8
Idol Show
episode 7
Miracle (Super Junior)
episode 10 (ft. F.T Island, HAM)
Manwon Haengbok
episode 189, 190
Hangul Island Season 2
episode 7
Hangul Island Season 1
episode 24
You’re Beautiful (Hongki’s drama)
episode 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

Thank you for taking the time to read~ I hope you didn’t find it too boring to read about me :]



  1. priscilla · ·

    Hello ! Interesting to know you are from the US. I’m from the little red dot Singapore ! ^^ Nice to meet you !

  2. hey,Kim! You’ve done a very GREAT job in those projects! I really appreciate your work.Thanks for giving support in the subbing team 😀

  3. thanks a lot for helping in subbing the new drama!! ^_^ again thanks a million!

  4. @ priscilla haha, yup~ it seems like I’m the only one on the subbing team from the US XD And it’s nice to meet you too! ^^

    @ esha awwwh, thank you for commenting~ I appreciate it ^^

    @ milknsky no problem! thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. hi Kim..thanks for subbing the new drama
    I love it sfm ^^

    and I hope you dont mind me asking this,
    are you gonna share the hardsubbed version of You’re Beautiful ep.3 (450p)?

    again,thanks a lot!

  6. @elmas I’m sorry I actually don’t deal with uploading hardsubbed videos of YB. But I may try and encode sometime this week, and I’ll see if Hailey will allow me to provide some links ^^

  7. oh I see ^^
    that’s ok..thanks for your reply

    and hwaiting on the subs! 8D

  8. oh hey kim!
    is that ur real name?
    just curious.

  9. @fathmah

    ooh, interesting question XD but yes, kim is my real name. I promise! *pinky swears* hehe

  10. oh wow.
    nice then. i’ve always wanted that name haha.
    but it doesnt suit me.
    KIM only?

  11. @fathmah
    oh haha~
    yes, it’s just kim ^^… I do have a last name, but that’s a secret XD
    wait, unless you think i’m korean?! >.< which is why you ask, hehe.

  12. oh so u’re not? haha! what race are u?

  13. @fathmah

    yuup, i’m not korean, haha~
    but i wish i can speak korean! it’d be awesome so i can maybe someday speak to ft island, and other kpop celebs. XD but it’d probably never happen, hehe

    i’m actually laos, a culture and language similar to thai ^^
    what are you?

  14. ok,ever heard of it before.
    but never actually know much bout it.
    i’m arab,but i live in spore.
    so sometimes i feel like i’m malay.
    since 98% of my friends [real-life] are malays haha!

    and i’m 16 years old young today!!
    haha. 14 nov~weee~
    ok,so unimportant XDD

  15. @ fathmah
    haha, yeah.. not many people know about laos. that’s cool you live in in singapore.. I don’t have any malaysian friends though >.<

    awwh, then it's your birthday? well, happy birthday to you! 😀

  16. haha. other than me,
    do u have any other sporean friends then?

  17. thanks a lot!!

  18. hello! i just want to tell you that i appreciate what you do in order to give us subbed videos, thanks a lot!

  19. @ matz hi~ and no problem 😀

  20. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  21. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  22. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  23. Hi
    Emmmmmm in fact we need your help Guys
    We are a small group
    Wants to be translated
    the (good daddy show – Full episodes)
    To the our language
    But we want the eng Subtitles
    I hope that you can provide to us
    actually … we have Contacted
    to the many groups But they refused
    your guys are my last hope *_*

  24. @ suuny – hello there 🙂
    well, I would love to help you, but I think it’s better if you send a message to Hailey instead. She’s the one leading the subbing team, so she’ll be of better help than me ^^
    anyways, good luck to your subbing team! 😉 hope you guys do well ^^

  25. Thanks A lot You are really nice guy

  26. Hongki Comel88 · ·

    I’m just drop to see what’s new here and feel like to read ur page…Btw i’m notice that u say to fathmah, u don’t have any malay friends…So let’s be friend since I’m malay and also totally immersed with FT Island and suju..But for me, I know suju first than Ft…so I’m Primadonna and ELF….;-)
    And for last word, thanx to you and Happy Island team that work so hard for this boyband,,without you guys, I never know what they are talking about….Chongmal Gomawo…!!!!!

  27. @ Hongki Comel88
    hello, thanks so much for commenting 😀
    And yes, we can be friends ^^ since we both love suju and ft. these two are definitely my two favorite boy groups in kpop~
    and thank you for supporting happy island!
    be sure to check out our forum to find out any new releases! we usually update there first before here ;]

  28. hello dear winterxstar…
    thanks for timing, encode and uploading..
    i’m currently downloading miracle suju, ft island and HAM.. I’m a big fan of suju and ft island.. they are all adorable.. thanks so much for the upload! ❤

  29. Hello ~ just wanted to ask if I can find the 1st episode of CNBluetory you’ve subbed? >3< I've been searching for it everywhere and can't find it T_T

  30. Here you go:
    We collaborated with CNBlue storm to sub it ^.^
    Hope that helps! 😀

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