winterxstar – a starry island

Hello everyone~

This is winterxstar, or to make this easier on you, you can call me Kim! 😀
I am from the rainy, yet beautiful state of Oregon (United States).
Though I live in the states, I am full Laotian.
And I am currently a sophomore at college.

I am a timer, encoder and uploader. I have been a part of this subbing team for a while now, I would say. I would love to be a translator, but unfortunately I don’t speak Korean~ T_T

Either way, it has been a honor to be a part of this subbing team! And I have enjoyed working on these projects to give YOU, the fans, an opportunity to watch. So you can enjoy all these shows without having to worry about learning a whole new language quickly, haha 😄 Also, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us so far, so please continue to support us in the future~ much love to you all <33

My fandoms range from japanese to korean music. But I admit, I am obsessed with FT Island and have been for the past year or so. I mean, come on, these boys are too darn adorable to hate (especially Jaejin, hehe. He’s my favorite ft-i member, btw <3)! I am also a big fan of Epik High who will forever be my first loves ♥

Unlike most k-pop fans, I’m not really into the whole boy/girl idol fandom. And I’m not really sure why either, maybe it’s just not my thing 😄 My two biggest idol fandoms would definitely have to be F.T Island and Super Junior, who I have become interested in the past couple of years. Actually, I only started to like SJ this year after listening to their third album, haha 😀 And then I became more in love with them after watching their shows because they’re so hilarious (same way I got into f.t island~). Anyways, I guess you can say I’m more of the ballad/alternative/rock type, hehe 😄 But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to listen to catchy k-pop songs once in a while! That’s what I love about k-pop, and asian music in general, it’s just refreshing to listen to~

Other korean artists I like are Sung Si Kyung, Nell and many more (but these are my faves <3)

Projects I have participated in.
current project.

Good Daddy
episode 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Treasure Island
episode 2

Muscle Girl
episode 1, 5, 6

past projects.

110106 MTV Taiwan JP & SK Craze
110426 Strong Heart E74 (YH, JS) Cut
101021 Love Chaser (FT Island)
Idol Show
episode 5, 6
FT Island ZEPP TOUR – SF Heroes
FTIsland – Live-B with Becky
First Time Gag Show Ep. 2 (101110)
Late Night Variety – Night Star
Style Icon Awards-CNBlue Win Speech (101117)
TvN Behind the Story – FT Island (100928)
Happy Birthday Show Ep. 18
Brain Battle (080410)
Music Videos
FT Island – So Today…
Oh Wonbin – C’mon Girl
Oh Wonbin (feat. Miryo from BEG) – I love you and I love you
episode 1
Quiz Sixth Sense
episode 7
Maknae Rebellion
episode 6, 7, 8
Idol Show
episode 7
Miracle (Super Junior)
episode 10 (ft. F.T Island, HAM)
Manwon Haengbok
episode 189, 190
Hangul Island Season 2
episode 7
Hangul Island Season 1
episode 24
You’re Beautiful (Hongki’s drama)
episode 1, 3, 5, 6, 7

Thank you for taking the time to read~ I hope you didn’t find it too boring to read about me :]



  1. priscilla · ·

    Hello ! Interesting to know you are from the US. I’m from the little red dot Singapore ! ^^ Nice to meet you !

  2. hey,Kim! You’ve done a very GREAT job in those projects! I really appreciate your work.Thanks for giving support in the subbing team 😀

  3. thanks a lot for helping in subbing the new drama!! ^_^ again thanks a million!

  4. @ priscilla haha, yup~ it seems like I’m the only one on the subbing team from the US 😄 And it’s nice to meet you too! ^^

    @ esha awwwh, thank you for commenting~ I appreciate it ^^

    @ milknsky no problem! thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. hi Kim..thanks for subbing the new drama
    I love it sfm ^^

    and I hope you dont mind me asking this,
    are you gonna share the hardsubbed version of You’re Beautiful ep.3 (450p)?

    again,thanks a lot!

  6. @elmas I’m sorry I actually don’t deal with uploading hardsubbed videos of YB. But I may try and encode sometime this week, and I’ll see if Hailey will allow me to provide some links ^^

  7. oh I see ^^
    that’s ok..thanks for your reply

    and hwaiting on the subs! 8D

  8. oh hey kim!
    is that ur real name?
    just curious.

  9. @fathmah

    ooh, interesting question 😄 but yes, kim is my real name. I promise! *pinky swears* hehe

  10. oh wow.
    nice then. i’ve always wanted that name haha.
    but it doesnt suit me.
    KIM only?

  11. @fathmah
    oh haha~
    yes, it’s just kim ^^… I do have a last name, but that’s a secret 😄
    wait, unless you think i’m korean?! >.< which is why you ask, hehe.

  12. oh so u’re not? haha! what race are u?

  13. @fathmah

    yuup, i’m not korean, haha~
    but i wish i can speak korean! it’d be awesome so i can maybe someday speak to ft island, and other kpop celebs. 😄 but it’d probably never happen, hehe

    i’m actually laos, a culture and language similar to thai ^^
    what are you?

  14. ok,ever heard of it before.
    but never actually know much bout it.
    i’m arab,but i live in spore.
    so sometimes i feel like i’m malay.
    since 98% of my friends [real-life] are malays haha!

    and i’m 16 years old young today!!
    haha. 14 nov~weee~
    ok,so unimportant XDD

  15. @ fathmah
    haha, yeah.. not many people know about laos. that’s cool you live in in singapore.. I don’t have any malaysian friends though >.<

    awwh, then it's your birthday? well, happy birthday to you! 😀

  16. haha. other than me,
    do u have any other sporean friends then?

  17. thanks a lot!!

  18. hello! i just want to tell you that i appreciate what you do in order to give us subbed videos, thanks a lot!

  19. @ matz hi~ and no problem 😀

  20. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  21. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  22. […] winterxstar – a starry island […]

  23. Hi
    Emmmmmm in fact we need your help Guys
    We are a small group
    Wants to be translated
    the (good daddy show – Full episodes)
    To the our language
    But we want the eng Subtitles
    I hope that you can provide to us
    actually … we have Contacted
    to the many groups But they refused
    your guys are my last hope *_*

  24. @ suuny – hello there 🙂
    well, I would love to help you, but I think it’s better if you send a message to Hailey instead. She’s the one leading the subbing team, so she’ll be of better help than me ^^
    anyways, good luck to your subbing team! 😉 hope you guys do well ^^

  25. Thanks A lot You are really nice guy

  26. Hongki Comel88 · ·

    I’m just drop to see what’s new here and feel like to read ur page…Btw i’m notice that u say to fathmah, u don’t have any malay friends…So let’s be friend since I’m malay and also totally immersed with FT Island and suju..But for me, I know suju first than Ft…so I’m Primadonna and ELF….;-)
    And for last word, thanx to you and Happy Island team that work so hard for this boyband,,without you guys, I never know what they are talking about….Chongmal Gomawo…!!!!!

  27. @ Hongki Comel88
    hello, thanks so much for commenting 😀
    And yes, we can be friends ^^ since we both love suju and ft. these two are definitely my two favorite boy groups in kpop~
    and thank you for supporting happy island!
    be sure to check out our forum to find out any new releases! we usually update there first before here ;]

  28. hello dear winterxstar…
    thanks for timing, encode and uploading..
    i’m currently downloading miracle suju, ft island and HAM.. I’m a big fan of suju and ft island.. they are all adorable.. thanks so much for the upload! ❤

  29. Hello ~ just wanted to ask if I can find the 1st episode of CNBluetory you’ve subbed? >3< I've been searching for it everywhere and can't find it T_T

  30. Here you go:
    We collaborated with CNBlue storm to sub it ^.^
    Hope that helps! 😀

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