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[MV] F4 After Story – My Everything (Jun Pyo’s story)

Though the file is TS extension , i dont think it’s HD quality =D…..MQ … would be fine to call =P

[Mnet] Haptic Mission No.4 Ep4 (090508) – Kimbum HyunJoong DamBi KimJoon

FT Island (HongKi JongHun SeungHyun) – Dart Strike Z (Mnet Ep1) [090502]

[FT Island] Hongki & Seung Hyun – Mnet Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso [090402]

Here’s the case T_T……..i’m busy these days, and have some little problems with my internet conection. So, Everything will be uploaded a little late T_T. I’LL BE BACK AT FULL SPEED IN A COUPLE MORE DAYS …….sorry!