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Seo In Guk – Saranghae U & Last Birthday (Mcountdown 100506) [TP-SD|720×480]

This is the guy who won Super Star K award ~ The song really doesn’t show off his vocal … I didn’t watch the show so i don’t know how good he is … but he must be good to win that show…mustn’t he ?

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Mcountdown 100506) [TP 720×480]

FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091105) [TS 720×480]

FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091029) [TS 720×480]

i got a warning because of sharing FT Triple’s album in my wordpress that’s why i can’t share anything related to them now (i don’t want my blog got deleted ) However, ^^~ don’t worry ~ their performances will be fully uploaded here

Jewelry – Super Start (M!countdown 050512) [TS 720×480]

Seo In Young is really cute back then XDXD !!!

Jewelry – Passion (M!Countdown 050630) [TS 720×480]

[ENGSUB] FT Island – Ranking (M!countdown 090813)

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