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[ENG] FT Island & KARA – Idol Show Season 4 (090423)

TRANSLATED BY Heidi @ ShancQ EDITED BY Grace SUBBED BY Hesan. Hey everybody ^.^ I’m sorry for going missing for the past few weeks Well … i guess i’m back now Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

[FT Island & Kara] MBC Idol show Ep03 Season4 (2009-04-23)

Well,…..right now im just gonna say this show is A MUST SEE XD……. Jin couldn’t appear due to his practice for the musical……………”Sonagi” I finally learn how to write this musical’s name in the right way

[ENGSUB] FT Island – MBC idol show Season 1 ep2 [080718]

Sorry for the long wait ~~ it costs much more time to edit the sub than i though …. Anyways ^^…..enjoy the show! and please say something if u download or watch this. Just to support the subbers …Thanks! BOTH YOUTUBE AND MEDIAFIRE ARE AVAILABLE TRANSLATED BY YUANLINS SUBBED BY HAILEY

FT Island – Every1 Idol Show Season 2 Ep06 [2008-11-20]

the show comes kinda late this week sorry! i bet most of you have already watched this show on Youtube but … u know what ?! youtube’s quality is really not good for our eyes […click on the thumbnails to enlarge…]

FT Island – Idol Show Season 2 Ep05 [081113]

this was super late >.< but i can’t find the show earlier btw =D i just love the cap above =P on this week episode , we have the GAG comedians together with FT Island […THESE FILES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RE-UPLOAD OR TAKE OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION …] (Dont tell me u got the file […]

FT Island – Every1 Idol Show Season 2 Ep02 [2008-10-23]

(click thumbnail to enlarge)

Every1 Idol Show FT Island Season 2 Ep3 [2008-10-30]

(click thumbnail to enlarge) i was trying to keep this show for myself but looks like many people out there are crazy searching for the files i mean ,who dont wanna watch this show so cute ,so fresh >”< ..so funny! ok … now , this week we have 2PM + BoRam + HwangBo joined […]