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[ENGSUB] Good Daddy ep10 (090110) – Hongki & Heechul

TRANSLATED BY 33rainynights, Heidi @ ShancQ, Xiaosi, Melisasasa EDITED BY Grace & Melisasasa SUBBED BY Winterxstar NEW CHANNEL OF HAPPY ISLAND : http://www.youtube.com/user/MyHappyIsland

[RAW] Strong Heart E23 (100323) – Hongki, Kara, SNSD [800×450]

just wanna say this so that you girls won’t be waiting ^^”… Happy Island is not gonna sub this episode of Strong Heart since Hongki didn’t reveal anything However, we may sub next week’s ep ^^~

[ENGSUB] Radio Star (100127) – Hongki, Yonghwa, 2AM [800×450]

TRANSLATED BY Jaimi Sun, yuko, 79kriss91 SUBBED BY Hailey. this show was translated by our translators in just 1 day ^^~ …So, please understand for any misinterpretation that they’d made , i mean … if there’s any ^^~

[450p] Star Golden Bell E246 (090725) [Full Show + Hongki CUT]

except for FT Island fansites, THIS FILE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE OUT. LOL ~ Jaedong made fun of Hongki’s hair STARRING: HONGKI (FT ISLAND) , 4Minute, Chulee (R.Tripper), Gilme…

FT Island – Interview, Marry Me, I Hope + MC CUT (SBS 090719) [HD 1920X1088 + 720p]

720p version’s now AVAILABLE!!! aaaa !!! XDXD Hwan is mine XDXD… LOL!! Don’t know why but … i always thought this time the camera man would be different T_T i mean, after everything ….T_T he still always focus on HongKi T_T MORE MAGNAE ! MORE MAGNAE !…

[450p] FT Island – Interview, Marry Me, I Hope (SBS 090719) + MC CUT

i’m back back back XDXD…. Can’t believe i missed such a wonderful stage XDXD Love Hwan’s new hair Finally it changed … LOL!! JaeJin looks a lot better when i saw him in the MV Anyways, did i say i LOVE the song

Hongki – Inkigayo 2009-07-12 [MC CUT] (HD 1920×1088)

Enjoy! XD i just love watch HongKi in this quality XDXD… [ DOWNLOAD 450P HONGKI CUT HERE ] because i have to go some where this friday… FT Island’s performance on Inkigayo will be .. a little late T_T … sorry ! will be back on monday and take care of it … wait for […]