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[MV] Lee Hyun – 30Minutes Ago (TS 720×480) [MTV ver.]

i wonder if the company likes it or the group like it themselves but …. there’s always someone who dies in their MV …T.T

[MV] Lee Pani – Oppa (TS 720×480) [MTV ver.]

Brown Eyed Girls & Park Ji Heon – Snow Prince (Mnet 080131) [TP 720×480]

i believe most of you should know that the original version of this song belongs to SS501 (or i’d watched only that version ) …

M! Countdown 2009-06-18 (Selected TP 720×480)

Enjoy!! But don’t forget to say “thanks”

[MV] 8eight – Goodbye My Love (ft SoEun & 2AM’s Jinwoon)(TS 720×480)

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[MV] Seo Ji Young – Stay In Me [TP 720×480]

[MV] IU – Boo [TP 720×480]

i didnt want to upload this coz … i dont like the song … But again , it was requested so ^^… hope you guys enjoy !

[MV] Ilac (ft Brand New Day’s Chaerin) – I’ve Found A Comfortable Person [TS 720×480]

[MV] The One – Face To Face (The Last Vampire OST) [HD 720×480]

[MV] Brand New Day – Mascara (HD 720×480)