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[MV] FT Island – You are Love (You’re My Destiny OST) [Starring: SNSD’s Yoona|1280×720]

[MV] Fx – Lachata (1280×720) [2ver.]

REQUEST! ^.^ there IS really one BOY in this girl-group …can any girl looks more like boy than she is ???? <<Amber ?>>

[MV] 4minute – Muzik (1280×720) [GOM]


FT Island – Interview, Marry Me, I Hope + MC CUT (SBS 090719) [HD 1920X1088 + 720p]

720p version’s now AVAILABLE!!! aaaa !!! XDXD Hwan is mine XDXD… LOL!! Don’t know why but … i always thought this time the camera man would be different T_T i mean, after everything ….T_T he still always focus on HongKi T_T MORE MAGNAE ! MORE MAGNAE !…