Summerdream – SUMMER Island ~!

YOOHOOO~~~ 안녕~~ New translator~

Everyone call me SUMMER. I’m from Singapore, 19. Same year and age as Jonghun and Hongki.

Username in soompi, summerdream. Some of you might see my name before, especially at suju thread XD

My position in here is, Chinese Translator.

Project which I involved in:

FT Island – My Happy Story

Hangul Island esp 10 & 6

Jonghun scandal (part 2)

Guess that you should know that I am a ELF, suju fan ^^ I am also a translator at sj-world, you can spot my name very easy. Favorite member in FT is, Hongki. I love SHINee too~ Jinki * Taemin. I like Dong Bang too, especially Kim Jaejae (Jaejoong) and many more but those that I mention are my FAVORITE!!

I do love baking too~ muffins, cookies, cupcakes and I am still learning on cake. I love drinking milk, eating chocolate and STRAWBERRY!!! Feel free to ask me any question, I won’t bite =) and I hope to know more Pri~ XD  Let’s be friend.

Add me at my LJ


  1. priscilla · ·

    HI HI. 😀 I’m Singaporan too ! I’m 17 but Minhwannie and Seunghyunnie are still younger than me by a little bit. 😛 Anyway, nice to meet you and can’t wait for more of your projects ^^ Hwaiting !

  2. Hi, thank you for your hard work. I’ve watched some of your works

    Congratulation 🙂


  3. Btw, I love super Junior too,then I must have watched many of your works, thank you

  4. Hi priscilla and fibi~ Those two are sure younger then me -.- Thanks XD

    Fibi;; suju is my favorite! I can’t wait for tonight inkigayo!!! MY SHARK FIN BABY IS PERFORMING!! although I also want jinki to recover soon…but still, my baby is gonna be there!! XDDD

  5. No, I’m actually older than you, I’m 20, hhe he

    yes, I also hope that jinki will recover soon
    Is he not feeling very well?

    who is shark fin? is he Yesung?

    I love super junior so much, but I don’t really know all of the members’ nicknames T.T

    my favorite member is Heechul btw

    it’s really nice to see another elf here

  6. im an SG-ian too! nice to meet you.
    well,not literally meet. lol.
    anyways,nvr heard of that nickname “shark fin” before.
    but i know its either teuk/yesung. lol.
    anyway,nice reading ur about me ;D
    tell me,who doesnt love to eat chocs? lol.

  7. fibi;; ah~ you mistook my answer “Those two are sure younger then me” are referring to seunghyun and minhwan XD

    Shark fin is a nickname for Leeteuk, I gave him this XD and my favorite member is none other than HIM!!!

    fathmah;; Hi there!! *wave* Yes is teukie teukie XD My friend~ she doesn’t love sweet stuff, weird person -.-

  8. oooh, that’s what you mean…

    I’ve watched Leeteuk performance with shinee, he sure looks very refreshing, Lee teuk is really cute, he looks much younger than he really is 🙂

    jonghoon scandal,,,,

    I’m wondering how this mnet scandal programme can survive

  9. fibi;; yup, at least he is better than yesung -.- I do like yesung too but yesung looks weird in RDD perform. WHERE’S ONEW!!

    wonder when that show gonna end~ hahah!

  10. halooo! nice, nickname, summer
    reminds of a movie ^^

    and on a common ground, i also like baking aside from liking boy groups xD

  11. PRIgoongju · ·

    hi i’m 92-ers and i’m indonesian primadonna ~ omonaa i didn’t know before that the subbing team are same age with me! really really impressed 😀
    thanks for your hard work chinguyaa 😀

  12. thanks so much

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