ShancQ – Q Fetish Island

Hello there!!

My nickname is Heidi and ya’ll can call me that.. Or Shancq

Whichever suits your tongue .. Hihihi

I’m a 95-er and I’m waiting patiently for the time to come when bands will be filled by people my age >.<

I’m a Chinese Translator here~

It’s not my first language though, so my Chinese is a bit limited T_T

I’m from Malaysia 😀 Specifically? Gah, secret!! xD

My top bias is always Big Bang since they were the first Kpop band that I got into..

(TOP, GD, Daesung ♥♥♥)

Second bias is One Day, and yes, I’m pro-boycott >:)

(Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung ♥♥♥ )

(Jinwoon, Jo Kwon ♥♥♥)

^Yes , I’m stealing all the magnaes..kekeke^

Third bias is dam dam dam ~~ FT ISLAND ~~

(Seughyun, Minhwan, Jaejin, Hongki ♥♥♥)

^lol, might as well favour them all XD^

I love all of them very much.. Just that little loyalty that puts them in different rankings..

– Suju (Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Heechul ♥♥♥)

– SHINee (Onew, Jonghyun, Minho ♥♥♥)

– SS501 (Hyungjoon, Kyujong ♥♥♥)

But, frankly, I love most of the Kpop bands and if I listed all of my bias here,

it would take up too much of the space here.. and your time xD

You can also see me lurking around Livejournal

Drop in a word there and add me 🙂

I’m really, really new here.. So, the projects that I have participated in are not that many..


But I promise to participate actively after my exams (^_^)

Past Projects:

A.N.Jell Mnet Wide News

FT Island’s My Happy Story

Current Project:

Kara’s Idol Army Season 4

(FT Island as the guest)


Thanks for reading 🙂

m( _ _ )m


  1. A Malaysian!! Welcome to the team 😉

  2. yuNhobellA · ·

    gosh, a malaysian!!!!will alwas support your hard work!!!btw, i’m a malaysian though…hehe

  3. Uwaa.. thanks for commenting!!
    I will work hard~~ 😀

  4. oh my neighbour.
    u live in malaysia right?
    y cant u say which side of it?

  5. @fathmah
    hi neighbour 🙂
    I live in the most secluded part of Msia with Wooyoung.. >:)

  6. hey there!! i’m malaysian too!! but i’m not in malaysia anymore.. =( .. lol gosh you’re so young!A 95er!!!lol… well thanks for all your efforts..really really appreciate it!! xD

  7. @kkvl
    Hi 😀
    How come ur not in Msia anymore? Where do u live now?
    N thx for commenting 🙂

  8. i was hoping u can tell me. lol!
    i have relatives at Terengganu [which is my blood sis], JB & KL [cuzs.]

  9. @fathmah
    lol, I’m stubborn like this XDD
    So, where do u live?

  10. in spore.
    no need more details.
    spore is just small.

  11. i’m away for the uk now.. =) ..thanks for doing such an awesome job at subbing..the team roxXs !! XD

  12. @fathmah
    Sg sounds awesome 😀

    Oh, wow.. uk 😀
    aww.. thx for saying that.. even though I haven’t done much.. >.<

  13. HongkiComel88 · ·

    Hi..i’m Malaysian too..really appreciate what you have been done…keep doing good work..!!!

  14. Thx Hongkicomel88 😀

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