petalkisses – sunny island!


Hi! I’m Sunny, seventeen, a senior, and from Northern California. (:

I’ll edit this page once I find some more time, but for now, here are just the basics.


– I’ll be a translator here at Happy Island, though I can’t say I’ll be as active as the other team members– at least until college apps are done. (:

– I’ve done a couple projects as a part of Primmadonna Subbing Team, but, because of time conflicts, became relatively inactive.

– Other than FT Island, I listen to a lot of indie rock/folk/pop. My favorite artists as of now are Andrew Bird (who is beyond AMAZING in concert!), Priscilla Ahn, Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs… just to name a few. 😉

– I do have to admit that I have a soft spot for Korean music–mostly rock or ballads, but on occassion pop! My favorite Korean artists are FT Island, CN Blue, Buzz, Lee SeungKi, YounHa, 2PM, 2AM, and much, much more!

… and I can’t think of anything else right now. As cheeky-cheesy as it all sounds, I hope to get to know everyone well!

Until next time,



  1. Good luck on college apps! I suffered through five of them last year.

  2. hye there~
    drop by to say thanks n really appreciate ur works!!

  3. great work. could u help me with the free translation of ANJEll song in u’re beautifull?thanks alot

  4. ^ Sure! I’m finishing up a project now, but once I do, I’ll give you a heads up. 🙂

    Nice to meet you all. 😀

  5. […] petalkisses – sunny island! […]

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