pandalette – Squishy Island ♥


I am pandalette, and I’m new to Happy Island! But not to fansubbing, because I’ve also done some work for a Super Junior fansub team. ^^)

I’m a Chinese translator here (as of now), but I want to learn how to time and encode and stuff so I can be of more use. 😀 Also, I’m from the Philippines! YAY!

Although I’m very lazy and I procrastinate too much, I do love fansubbing because I love the sense of achievement you get when you finish a project together with fellow fansubbers, and receive all the lovely comments… heehee XD

Ah! My fandoms are constantly fluctuating. I had this phase where I was completely obsessed with Jpop and Jdramas, but now I’m a purely Kpop fangirl! Maybe someday I’ll be obsessing over some other country’s music, but it is okay. 😀

My current faves in the wonderful Kpop world are FT Island, 2pm, SHINee, Super Junior, and Big Bang. For the ladies, I like SNSD, Kara and 2NE1! 🙂 This changes quite a bit, however. 😛

I’m very happy to be here in Happy Island~


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