lalafantasy – Fantasizing Island

Hi to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

Basically I love anything concerning k-pop, but my idols are all in groups, ๐Ÿ˜€

(btw I’m a chinese translator)

I’m 15 this year ๐Ÿ˜€ not young anymore since all the idols are getting younger T.T

I’m from the bright sunny hot Singapore, which is a mixture of many cultures. So Idk what culture should I talk about lol.

SOOO, I’ve got time now, since my drama is loading ๐Ÿ™‚

There isn’t enough space to list all the idol groups I ADORE, but, stilll. ๐Ÿ˜€ (according to alphabetical order?)

4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, F(x), Ftisland, Gavy NJ, Kara, SHINee, SNSD, SS501, Super Junior, T-ara, U-kiss,ย  AND OF COURSE A.N JELL โค

A.N Jell.

ignore me: Shinwoo’s the one for Minam/minyu!!!!!!! I prefer him more!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

About the case of ss501, it’s kind of disheartening. I like them wayyyyyyy before BOF cast was even chosen. Now pple are only liking them because of BOF. Hence, it’s kind of like judging them WITH the drama, and not because of their abilites. (anw, I like jungmin most) Yes, BOF is hot, BOF is a nice drama, cause you got hot looking guys that are prettier than girls. No t that I didn’t like it but I just wished that life will go back to the times before the drama. (okay enough of my rattling)

Hopefully the same thing wouldn’t happen with FT island! ๐Ÿ˜€

Shameful of me, but I’m gonna say that I only liked FT ISLAND this year cause of ‘Bad Woman’, (not to mention that Seunghyun is handsome). My favourite member is Seunghyunnniieeeeee. Whom I think is so dorky yet cute at the same time. It’s okay if you disagree with me though. Minhwan is cute tooooo ๐Ÿ˜€ Aegyoooo.

I shouldn’t talk about other groups here T.T It will get way too long!!

I’m lazy to type everything I like down. Like food or whatever, cause there’s drama to think about. You’re beautiful is a wonderful show. SHINWOOOOO!!!!! (yes, please ignore me T.T)


  1. priscilla · ·

    Hahaha. Hi ! I’m from the bright sunny and superbly hot Singapore too ! Nice to meet you and welcome ! ^^

  2. haha! I’m 15 too & I live near your country which is Malaysia =p

  3. Just to rant a bit, i agree on the SS501 thing.. I feel how you feel, annoyed. Hahaha. And again, nice to meet ya ! ^^

  4. “…but I just wished that life will go back to the times before the drama.”
    i TOTALLY get what u mean there.
    same goes to lee minho.
    well,basically,i’m kinda “famous” in class for being the only girl that loooooves kpop stuff.
    and i have suju & siwon sticker all over my notebook & bencil box & more. lol.

    so,just when my friend finish watching that drama,
    she said “fathmah~~ i’m all over lee minho”
    then she ask me “is he in super junior?”
    i was like “WHAAA–?!!” SJ isnt the ONLY grp in Korea. so,i replied
    “UGH,EWW,NO! how could u be “all over” minho when u dont know the simplest thing?!”
    she: “relax,then kim bum?”
    “NO NO! the only ones in grp are kim jun which is T-MAX and HJ which is SS501”
    she: “then u once said there’s kim bum in sj?”
    “NO! kim sang bum is different with kim ki bum”
    phew,long story.
    but yeah,i just hate the feeling.

    also,i hate that ONLY nobody & BOF are famous here in spore.
    that so irritating.
    nobody is so so so outdated.
    the song has been released MORE than a year -.-
    sorry for ranting it all here,btw. haha!

  5. oh and sorry for the misspelling.
    [idk if “misspelling” is even spelled correctly. lol.]

    just forgive me -.- HAHA!

    *pencil box*
    *that’s so irritating*
    and sorry for my poor english ^^

  6. lalafantasy · ·

    @ fathmah:
    Do you mean kim ki bum in SJ? lol.
    Nobody was originally a not-so-bad song, but after all these things, it seemed as if WG had no other songs -,- And cause everyone’s playing it, it doesn’t seem so nice anymore. It’s kinda irritating, so let’s just stick to ‘Gee’.
    And no offense, your friend is a little irritating too. Teach her something about k-pop.
    I’m the only who’s crazy in my class too, so I’m always there to ‘educate’ those who get all things wrong-,-
    Nice to meet you!

  7. yup,kim kibum in sj. and she thought its kim bum.
    yeah,but she’s not “all over” minho now.
    yup2,lets just stick to gee ;DD

  8. hey there dongsaeng~
    oh i love ss501 waaaaaayyyyy before BOF too and i totally understand when you said that “I just wished that life will go back to the times before the drama.”

    i love lee hongki before this drama(lol. actually i love him because of heenim. yurp, i’m an ELF too) but i hope i will like the rest of the members in FTI after this. hihi. but i don’t think that’s a problem. my roommate is a primadonna and so is my sister. i’ll be a primadonna soon!

  9. LOL i was one of the young fans before…
    now i realize i’m getting old xDDDD

  10. lalafantasy · ·

    Hahha, old? Why?

  11. o.O Most subbers I’m seeing seems to be from Singapore (most well known for subbing clips seems to be the now defunct wondersmurf(? can’t remember, so many name changes).

    Mad awesome. And you guys are all so young! ^_^

  12. AHAHA!!! how funny !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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