Grace – Her Gracious Island


Firstly, i’m sorry about the title of this page. i couldn’t think of anything else. XP

As the title tells, this is Grace (from Singapore)! I’m a 93-er, just nice to call Minhwan and Seunghyun “oppa”. 😛 And i’m very glad to be part of this subbing team! i’m a translator and i really enjoy this job. ^^

Other than being a Primadonna, i’m proud to be an ELF too! My 2 major fandoms are FT Island and Super Junior! ❤ I’ve seen FT Island in person and all i need is to see Super Junior too before i can die in peace… XD

I’m not going to brag about the projects i’ve participated in. I have no right to, there are much better translators/editors/timers/subbers over here! X) actually i can’t even remember which project i have participated in before. 😛 i’m getting old… T_T

if you have read through this whole thing, thanks for being patient and nice for even reading it. XD

lastly, please really do support our awesome team of subbers. we love comments and encouragements too! ^^ see you around~~

drop by  if you want to! (:

love ya & peace out!!



Hangul Island Season 2 EP.1
Hangul Island Season 2 EP.2
Hangul Island Season 2 EP.3
Hangul Island Season 2 EP.4
Hangul Island Season 2 EP.5

FT Island – Mnet wide News (baiviphat CF)

FT Island – Jonghun & Minhwan – Mobile Ranking (Inki 090726)

Star Golden Bell – E246 (090725) – Hongki CUT

FT Island – Kim Jung Eun’s chocolate (090802)

FT Island Interview – Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook 090807


  1. priscilla · ·

    Hi and welcome ! ^^ I’m having O’s this year too ! xD Can’t wait for you to come back and join the subbers ! ^^

  2. Hi, welcome to happy island

    Thank you for your hard work in subbing the videos

    Congratulation 🙂

  3. priscilla & fibi:
    thanks for the encouragement and comments! promise i’ll be back soon!! ^^

  4. oh hi!!
    i’m a singaporean too! a 93-er too!
    gonna have my O level next year too.
    [basically,i take combined cert.
    so i take 2 subjs this year,and another 4 next year.
    as for this year’s O,it just ended 2 days ago.]
    and btw,I WENT TO SEE FTI TOO!
    woah,we have so much alike.
    but i only went to the airport,
    i cant afford to go to the concert/fanmeeting.
    cant wait to welcome them again this december ;DD
    btw,u korean or what?

  5. and OH!
    whats the link of ur blog?
    u shld check the link again i guess.

  6. fathmah:

    hi!! ^^ i just ended my last paper today! phew. 😛 let’s hope we all get good results! ^^
    you went to see FTI too! i’m going this dec too! hee! 😀
    and thanks for letting me know about the link. i fixed it already. 😀

  7. oh wow! what paper?
    2 days ago was science,right?
    btw,am so gonna go to ur blog now ;D

  8. my last paper, which was today, is Chemistry paper 1. 🙂
    oh, and i’m not a korean. haha. i wish i could speak the korean language like one though. XD

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    @grace: how were your papers ? XD
    everything’s going well, right ? i hope 😀

    you’re being modest XD you know a lot of korean …XD

  10. you guys are so younggg. 😀

  11. lol,someone’s jealous.
    but ikaychun,sometimes being young isnt all that great.
    i get bullied. haha!
    not in a violent way.

    and oh,really hailey?
    so grace can speak korean?
    where did u study korean from?

  12. Hailey:
    mmm…i hope everything will turn out well.HAHA! XD and my korean isn’t that great ok. i still need the korean dict.bah. >.<

    you're still young too! just a few years older alright.. ^^

    i'm not THAT confident about my korean but i know i can speak a little and listen a little. 😛 i learnt it from online websites at first then i went to take up lessons 🙂

  13. @grace ^^…have a nice holiday <3~
    see you when i see you XD …

    lol ~ i've always wanted to say this XDXD

  14. i smiled widely while reading the comments here. reminds me of my dongsaengs.
    hello grace, i’m an unnie from malaysia. well, i’m 6 years older than you :)u won’t be calling me ajumma right?
    where are you going to after Olevels?

  15. oh LOL. i forgot, i’m an ELF too!!
    i haven’t seen any of the korean stars in person.
    u are so lucky girl

  16. Hailey: HEY I’M BACK!! 😀

    Hazzie: hi fellow-ELF-unnie! XD nah, i won’t call you ajumma lah! i’m just back from Korea! ^^ but i did not see any korean stars there 😦

  17. welcome back grace~~
    holiday in korea??? i envy you!!
    how was korea?
    i really want to go there but i dont have uni is very stingy about holiday.
    i only have 3 weeks holiday in a year!
    my friend went to korea last month i think and she went to music bank!!

  18. Hazzie: Korea was fun! 😀 hehe. 3 weeks holiday in a year?!! that’s mean! your friend went to Music Bank? so cool! how did she go in? i couldn’t chase any stars or anything because i went with my family.. but i hope to go Korea again with a bunch of friends! ^^

  19. yeah. my uni is so mean! since i study abroad, the 3 weeks holiday is usually spent in Malaysia. so i don’t get the time to anywhere else.

    i don’t know how my friend got in to music bank.. i didn’t ask her about it.. lol..

  20. hazzie: oh cool! you study abroad? where? 😀 really, 3 weeks is kinda mean. it’s even less than a month! since you are study in a foreign country, all the more they should give a longer holiday! >.<

  21. yurp.. i’m studying in India.. and i’m happy
    my holiday is cominggg!!! i’ll be home on 25th dec.. yippie! and guess what, my uni just released our exam shcedule today and it starts on 5th-24th dec. phew, luckily i don’t have to change my ticket. i hate the fact that they always did everything last minute.

  22. oh hey gracie, i have a problem downloading the drama.. when i clicked the “click to start download” button.. it kept showing the same page and didn’t start downloading..i’ve cleared my cache and it is still the same.. do u hv any solution for this?

  23. hazzie: oh yay! grats that your holidays are coming! i hate it when my school does last minute changes too. brr..

    about the downloading thing, i’m quite irritated with MF too. i’m not sure if this helps but for me, i deleted all cookies and it should work.

  24. hehe thanks but clearing cookies doesn’t work for me too. but it’s okay, i just have to turn off my laptop and turn it on after an hour. lol.

    ergh. i’m having exams till i go back to malaysia. won’t be able to drop by to ur page for sometime.will visit this blog again soon! 🙂

  25. hazzie: it’s ok if you can’t visit often. we understand you’re busy with your uni stuff 🙂 as long as we know there’s a friend (and fan) out there to support us, we’re glad 😀

    good luck for your exams and come back soon~~! 🙂

  26. oh, i’m older than you xDDD
    but it’s just 1 year hehe

    i admire you! you’re younger than me and yet you make time to sub videos… and i don’t think it’s an easy work… keep it up then!

  27. primadonna n e.l.f??
    me to0!!haha…
    wanna say thanks for ur hard works!!
    keep it coming!!

  28. matz: hi unnie! XD thanks for the encouragement! ^^ i’m having my holidays so i’m trying there’s a little time here and there ^^

    wanaini: yay! Pri + ELF! 😀 thanks for the encouragement! ^^

  29. […] Grace – Her Gracious Island […]

  30. […] Grace – Her Gracious Island […]

  31. Wow. You’re exactly 10 years younger than me TT

    I started learning korean 5 years ago but I haven’t been very hardworking. 😦 If only I had persisted I would be mad fluent by now – my work life takes up all of my time. I am content which just knowing the gist of what they’re talking about on variety shows but the subs that you guys (and lots of subbing teams as well) helps a ton!!!!!!

  32. wow! your Korean must be good then! and yea, i know how work takes up so much time. >.< great to know that you enjoyed watching the shows our subbing team subbed! ^^

  33. @mishmash
    wow! your Korean must be good then! and yea, i know how work takes up so much time. >.< great to know that you enjoyed watching the shows our subbing team subbed! ^^

  34. XYellowMellowX · ·

    hey, thanks so much for all the hard work!!! really appreciated it ^^

  35. WOW..thanks

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