F.B.I – FT Blue Island

333CNBLUESTORM & Happy Island proudly present to you
F.B.I Subbing Team

F.B.I. (FT. Blue Island or Five Treasure Blue Island) is a subbing team formed in partnership of CNBLUESTORM and Happy Island Subbing Team. CNBLUESTORM is an international fansite dedicated to bring the latest updates of CNBLUE for their international fans. Happy Island is a subbing team devoted to sub foreign videos of FT.Island related shows to English.

Since CNBLUE just debuted recently, it’s hard to look for people to form a subbing team for CNBLUE related shows. So, CNBLUESTORM thru its administrator, Lyna searched for ways and came in contact with Hailey, Happy Islang subbing team leader. Hailey already planned to sub videos of CNBLUE shows. With this, CNBLUESTORM and Happy Island thru their administrator and leader respectively formed a partnership to join our forces and help each other out to deliver English Subbed Videos of CNBLUE related shows.

And basically we’re still in the process of looking for more translators .
We’re currently looking for
– Chinese tranlator
– Korean translator
– Japanese translator
So, if you do have skills and love for the boys … please join us !!!
applications can be sent to Hailey (ledoquyen90@gmail.com) or PM to our Youtube channel which are :


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  2. OMG!!!!I was searching for the subbed version of bluetory for…like….FOREVER!!!
    THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!I appreciate your hard work and I love you guys so much for taking your time to sub all this and to share it with ones like me who are desperate for subs T^T
    I just have a lil question, does anyone know where to find the first and second episode of bluetory? well, my life is complete right now since I found the third SUBBED version of bluetory right now :DDDD
    Thank you guys again SO MUCH ;____;

  3. thank you for this guys :’D

  4. moondance · ·

    yesss awesome guys… 4 taking job 2 subs the bluetory… 🙂

  5. yahhh!!!
    Love you so much!!!
    Thanks F.B.Island

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUS!! you rocks!

  7. whoa! u guys great! happy2 working! ^^

  8. ft blue i girl · ·

    i love ft &cn blue songs

  9. I love F.T.Island and your site looks really great *.* A lot of great informations! I will come often ^.^ And I would like to exchange links ^^

  10. 2, sorry for bother you, but I want to ask you smt. I like Good daddy show so much, and i really want to translate it into Vietnamese, so can you share the softsub of this show, ok?
    thanks so much:X
    I really want to do it, but I can’t do all thing by myself:((
    this is my email: cinny13@yahoo.com

  11. wow you all guys awesome. I cant give you anything but God Bless You All!! 🙂

  12. numlock · ·

    may i know where can i get full list of chae yeon full live performance ? in HD quality

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  14. ilove you jonghun

  15. Hi..! I can’t seem to find bluetory Ep 3 part 1.. I really want to view it.. huhuhu… kindly send me a link.. ^___^ please..

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