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[ENG] Good Daddy episode 7 (081220)

Ah, totally forgot to update this blog with this release! More Good Daddy goodness for you all~ Translated by riceleung, skullys, NoodlesXDD, michelle Subbed by winterxstar Korean word of the day! boyfriend: 남자친구 (namja chingu) Good Daddy episode 7 is really fun to watch. Jungeun invites her friends over including her boyfriend, who gets to […]

[ENG] Good Daddy episode 8 (081227)

Translated by Scottirshrika, Xiaosi, god_loves_rice Edited by Euni Subbed by winterxstar Another awesome release from Happy Island! The daddies run a marathon with their daughter in this episode, and I think everyone will love Hongki in here. He shows how much of a caring and adorable 아빠 he is. ❤ Korean word of the day! […]

[ENG] Good Daddy Episode 9 (090103)

Translated by melisasasa, xiaosi, teukie_is_my_angel, scottirishka., twiceandagain Edited by Euni Subbed by winterxstar Hello~~ How has everyone been lately? 😀

[ENGSUB] Good Daddy ep10 (090110) – Hongki & Heechul

TRANSLATED BY 33rainynights, Heidi @ ShancQ, Xiaosi, Melisasasa EDITED BY Grace & Melisasasa SUBBED BY Winterxstar NEW CHANNEL OF HAPPY ISLAND :

[ENGSUB] The Dad I Like Ep.12 (090124) – Hongki + Heechul

TRANSLATED BY ohmyisland , ihearteunteuk , melisasasa, summerdream EDITED BY Summerdream SUBBED BY Winterxtstar. sorry for putting this up so late ^^” …Mediafire really hates me these days T.T

[ENGSUB] The Dad I Like (Good Daddy) Ep4 (081129) [HongKi & heechul]


The Dad I Like (Good Daddy) Ep03 2008-11-22 [ENG SUB]

Brought to You By Primadonna subbing squad Translator : psique Subbed By Hailey Click [ here ] For Raw File And More Details.