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Mblaq – Y (Mcountdown 100520) [TP-SD | 720×480]

Beast – Easy (Mcountdown 100513) [TS|1920×1080]

Beast – Special (Mcountdown 100513) [TS|1920×1080]

Rain – Hip Song (Mcountdown 100513) [TS|1920×1080]

Secret – Magic (Mcountdown 100506) [TS|1920×1080]

Beast – Special (Mcountdown 100506) [TS|1920×1080]

Beast – Easy (Mcountdown 100506) [TS|1920×1080]

Most of you should’ve known that Mnet’s started broadcasting Mcountdown in HD ever since its comeback . But well, to me … it’s not easy to have those files … not as easy as Inkigayo or MBank However, here we are !!! XDXD an awesome performance of Beast at Mcountdown in HD resolution It’s even […]

Seo In Guk – Saranghae U & Last Birthday (Mcountdown 100506) [TP-SD|720×480]

This is the guy who won Super Star K award ~ The song really doesn’t show off his vocal … I didn’t watch the show so i don’t know how good he is … but he must be good to win that show…mustn’t he ?

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Mcountdown 100506) [TP 720×480]

FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091105) [TS 720×480]