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Super Junior – Bad Woman (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

Super Junior – Bonamana (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

Gummy – Because You’re A Man (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang(Inkigayo 100516)

After School – BANG (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

i actually uploaded those files couple days ago ^^ but didn’t feel like sharing I will finish posting those files right now so that the whole new week of new performances can start ^^”….(that sounds like a lot of work ^^”…

Beast – Special (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

still can’t not believe this is their goodbye stage how can you … “say goodbye to a smile like this”

Beast – Green Sports Song (Inkigayo 100516) [TS|1920×1080]

U-Kiss – What (Inkigayo 100509) [TS|1920×1080]

Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Inkigayo 100509) [TS|1920×1080]

Rain – Love Song (Inkigayo 100509) [TS|1920×1080]