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Flower Boy’s Generation E22 (091013) – Jonghun, Seunghyun

this ep was like a training season for our boys ^^~ their vocal ~ aigoo ! FnC should have trained them better XDXD or the boys should have pay more attentions in their vocal class XD… that’s explain why only Jaejin is the vocal beside hongki …..*Still love Jonghun’s sweet melody *

Flower Boy’s Generation E21 (091006) – Jonghun, Seunghyun

baby Seunghyun walking on the catwalk he has what it takes to be a real model , don’t you think ?

Flower Boy’s Generation E20 (090929) – Jonghun, Seunghyun

YES!!! XD You can’t miss this ep XDXD Those nunas T.T ….they’re…..  T.T Jonghun…..

Flower Boy’s Generation E19 (090922) – Jonghun, Minhwan & Seunghyun

boys and cooking what do you want more ?! XD … ai ~ XD beside hongki, i think seunghyun has the cutest expression among the members

[ENGSUB] Flower Boy’s Generation EP16 (090825) – FT Island vs SHINee

TRANSLATED BY Abrenda SUBBED BY hailey SPECIAL THANKS TO Yuanlins The file is NOT supposed to be appeared on “SHINee’s forums/fansites” …. I’m sorry ! But that’s our rules ….Only “FT Island’s 4rums/fansites” are allowed to take this out !

Flower Boy’s Generation E18 (090915) – Jonghun & Seunghyun

Flower Boy’s Generation EP17 (090908) – Jonghun + Seunghyun

i hven’t think of any “couple-name” for Jonghun and Seunghyun any suggestion ? XD … combine the words as usual would just look like i misspell their names … =.= (Jonghyun ? Seunghun ?)

Flower Boy’s Generation EP16 (090825) – FT Island, Shinee

Lol ~ leader’s awkwardness officially got my heart He’s so entertaining when ….. Hongki’s not around