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[ENG] Interview With FTISLAND About TOREORE

Brought to you by Happy Island Subs Translated by Xiaosi Timed by acidcookies Typesetted and Encoded by winterxstar

[ENG] 081127 Idol Army Show Ep. 7

Brought to you by Happy Island Subs.  TRANSLATED BY Tangkaiying94 SUBBED BY Winterxstar

[ENG] 081120 Idol Army Show Ep. 6

Brought to you by Happy Island Subs Translated by cheerfuljwlt, xiaosi, ihearteunteuk, 33rainynights Subbed by winterxstar

[ENG] 081113 Idol Army Show Ep. 5

Brought to you by Happy Island Subs Translated by cheerfuljwlt, Xiaosi , ihearteunteuk, 33rainynights Edited by scottishrika . Subbed by Winterxstar

[ENG] Late Night Variety – Night Star

Translated by Grace & scottishrika Subbed by winterxstar Korean word of the day Good night! 안녕히 주무세요. (Anyeonghi jumuseyo) [to an adult or someone older] 잘 자 (Jal ja) [to a friend or someone younger] Download link at our forum: But you must have a registered account with A TOTAL OF 30 POSTS/REPLIES. POSTS = […]

[ENG] Good Daddy episode 7 (081220)

Ah, totally forgot to update this blog with this release! More Good Daddy goodness for you all~ Translated by riceleung, skullys, NoodlesXDD, michelle Subbed by winterxstar Korean word of the day! boyfriend: 남자친구 (namja chingu) Good Daddy episode 7 is really fun to watch. Jungeun invites her friends over including her boyfriend, who gets to […]

[ENG] Happy Birthday Show Ep. 18 (100913)

translated by grace and scottrishka timed by nigirimeshi and hailey typesetted by nigirimeshi and winterxstar encoded by winterxstar Happy Birthday Show episode featuring Hongki. In case you’re wondering, yes.. it’s the episode where he talks about the pimples on his butt~ haha xD Korean word of the day: 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida) Happy Birthday! Download […]

[ENG] MTV Treasure Island Ep. 2 (070817)

Translated by skullys Subbed by winterxstar First Happy Island release of this show! If you’re wondering where episode 1 is, our team is still working on it! However there are problems with the raw video file, and we’re unable to sub the episode yet. Please be patient~ But on the bright side… Happy Island will […]

FT Island Trend the Muzit + Making of

Translated by scottishrika Subbed by Hailey Happy Island presents another release! FT Island – Trend The Muzit (100828) and FT Island – Trend Making The Muzit (100828). The Trend Making the Muzit is where you’ll see the boys being silly with each other, so I would definitely recommend FT Island fans to watch this! 😀 […]

[ENG] Good Daddy episode 8 (081227)

Translated by Scottirshrika, Xiaosi, god_loves_rice Edited by Euni Subbed by winterxstar Another awesome release from Happy Island! The daddies run a marathon with their daughter in this episode, and I think everyone will love Hongki in here. He shows how much of a caring and adorable 아빠 he is. ❤ Korean word of the day! […]