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[Notice] New Releases on August 28, 2010


Leader Jonghun is now on TWITTER!!!

cutie cutie ~ ~XDXD Now you tell me , shouldn’t we celebrate right now ? XD CHECK IT OUT [ HERE ] Jonghun’s newest Tweets: Why isn’t she sleeping? I’m going to bed ~~ bye bve Oops! i wonder who’s that “she” Anyways !XD who cares !!! Jonghun has a Twitter ! Jonghun has a […]

Youtube did it again … New Channel to be born !

urrrggg!!! woke up in the morning and what i first saw was … “Your account has been permantly disabled” What a nice way to begin a day !!! Anyways, it’s already magical enough that “ledoquyen90” last long for nearly 2 years with nearly 9.000 subscribers >”< … i think i can never get that number […]

Happy Island – New Subbing Team ?

Well … no ^^ That’s just a new name for our “not-so-old” subbing team Is there any changement ? Yes. there is …


please take a few mins to read this ~ first ,im so sorry for the lack of update these days … samie and I are both busy ~ and second ,we’ve just got a new uploader her name is xiayuu and like she said ~ she’ll take care of HQ / HDTV performances …. and […]

That’s All lies…

nothing can express my feeling now … 600th day…should i be happy ??! Lunar new year …should i smile ??! i keep telling this to myself…its just another dream, another nightmare !!! somebody ,please …tell me its not true …when will my nightmare end ??! when i awake ,you’ll be there and tell me everything […]


there is something special to day… something special that makes me wanna do …something special CHECK THIS OUT FOR SOMETHING MAGICAL!!!