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WonderGirls – 2Different Tears (Music Core 100529) [TP|1920×1080]

WonderGirls – 2Different Tears (Music Bank 100528) [TP|1920×1080]

Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears (Mcountdown 100527) [TP|1920×1080]

WonderGirls – 2Different Tears (Music Core 100522) [TP|1920×1080]

[MV] Wonder Girls – Nobody (Eng Ver)

preparing for their American debut ~ yeah ~ whatever ~ there’re already many reactions from american “music-fans”. some are interested, some are … “These girls really can’t sing nor dance” … don’t believe me ? go and search for it yourself.

[MV] 8eight – Without A Heart (ft wonder girls’s sohee) [HD 720×480]

Again, cap will be replaced But i think i need REQUEST first! Keep in mind that this vid won’t be upload in HQ…. JUST REQUEST FOR HD QUALITY ONLY!!!

MBC Gayo Daejun 2008-12-31

Sorry for being late on this show! i guess new year makes me more lazy ^^ enjoy!