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Music Bank 2009-02-20 (Full Show cuts)

[ALL FILES ARE NOW READY FOR DOWNLOAD] Check out FT Island category for their comeback performance~

Music Core 2009-02-07 (15 Performances)

^^…REQUEST! Enjoy! And Happy new Week! DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Bank 2009-02-06 (19 Performances)


M!Countdown 090122 VS M!Countdown 090108

Finally ,i decided to share this show i’m not sure if i’ll continue upload this show so just enjoy when u can ,ok the M!Show on 8th Jan. is actually higher quality then the 22th ok! now ,tell me what you want ,what u really really want – samie – LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

Music Core 2009-01-24 (18 performances)

Enjoy the show! feel free to request ^^… LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

Music Bank 2009-01-23 (20 Performances)

Happy lunar new year everyone!!! well…sorry for being late. Im kinda busy these days with tests and so many stuffs ^^… Hailey is also …so ,forive us if this site is slowly update these days.oh well ~ … enjoy the new shows request for your performances!!! – samie – LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

Music Core 2009-01-17 (16 Performances)

well ,i was trying to find after school’s pic to place it here ! unfortunately ,only found one ,and don’t like it that much …so ..again ,FT Island is my number one choice enjoy! links are now updated!