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Park Hyo Shin & tei – Listen (MBank 090925) [TS 1920×1088]

sorry for being late on this file >”< …… hehe….i almost forgot  that i need to share this

[450p] Music Core 2009-09-26 (Full Show CUT)

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~ i upload because many ppl requested for it ^.^ …. but i really don’t like it everytime i check the download-numbers and comment-numbers

[MV] Tei – Poisonous Tongue (GomHQ)

[MV] Tei – wonderful life (can anyone love OST)

Star’s Expert Show (New year Special) [090127] – Hongki ,SS501 ,Kara

im terribly sorry for being late … my mind just can’t focus on anything i’ll share a few more shows as i promised .and then… i guess i’ll have a break time . bad memories keep coming back Please understand … maybe samie can handle the job here ,or maybe not ! i’ll be back […]

Music Bank 2009-01-16 (18 performances)

as always ,u know how to get the links =) ya~ its really cold here ….is there cold?! keep yourself warm <3…or maybe…cold =D enjoy the show! – samie – LINKS UPDATED!!!

[mv] tei – 3.AM

Music Core 2009-01-10 (14 performances)

Without requests! Nothing will be uploaded. music bank and music core’s perfs are basically the same this week .But i always like Mcore’s stage more ^^…brighter ,colorful and cute.! – Samie – (Only requested perf.s are shared) links are available .HAVE FUN! added with more links~

Music Bank 2009-01-09 (18 performances)

hi everybody! how was your week ?! ^^.. so sorry for being late on this show! im currently working on sth … because … im in a good mood now ^^…so this show is giving for free XD…no need requests However ,the music core’s perfs. still need CMs to be uploaded have fun ! – […]

Music Bank 2008-12-19 (17 Performances) [Christmas SpeciaL]

hi everyone its Samie here !! Hailey said she’s kinda busy this week or ..its just her lazy period … LOL!!! so ,i’ll take care of this place until she back to normal It’s Mine NoW !! So … since it’s my place ,u’ll have to deal with my rules ! Im really … not […]