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[MV] Seo In Guk – Saranghae U (720×480)

Seo In Guk – Saranghae U (Inkigayo 100509) [TS|1920×1080]

i don’t know how far this guy would go but … well , firstly he needs to change that pinky vest and sorry but what kind of shoes is that I can’t understand why Mnet gave him a … “impossible-to-be-no-1” song and a girly dance to be debuted with ….. Anyways, some say he’s […]

Seo In Guk – Saranghae U & Last Birthday (Mcountdown 100506) [TP-SD|720×480]

This is the guy who won Super Star K award ~ The song really doesn’t show off his vocal … I didn’t watch the show so i don’t know how good he is … but he must be good to win that show…mustn’t he ?