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Tara & Boram – Coffee Over Milk (Mcountdown 100527) [TP|1920×1080]

[MV] Nam Gyuri – Man (Death OST) (TS 720×480)

THIS FILE IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE OUT. i would change my fav type of movie if all scary movies have such nice soundtrack XD

Kim Jong Wook & Boram – If You Pretend (M Super Concert 090721) [TS 720×480]

Hong Jin Young, Seeya, Davichi – Love Battery [Inkigayo 090712] (HD 1920×1088)

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Kim Jong Wook & Seeya’s Boram – If You Pretend [Music Core 090704] (HD 1920X1088)

Enjoy!! And please say “thanks” if you download! lovely stage XD…lovely song…XD … and LOL!!! i love the ending

Seeya Davichi JiYeon – Women’s Generation [Music Core 090606] (HD 1920X1088)

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M! Countdown 2009-06-18 (Selected TP 720×480)

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