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[ENGSUB] Gift By Park HyoShin (090919) – M.Hwan & J.Jin [HQ 800×600]

Ep.2 (090926) will be released soon ^~^

[450p] Music Bank 2009-10-30 (Full show CUT)

sorry for taking so long ^.^”…i actually uploaded this long ago but couldn’t find time to share it here ^^~ … enjoy ~ ( FT Triple’s perf can be found in FT Triple’s category)

[450p] Music Core 09-10-17 (full show cut)

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~

Park Hyo Shin & WheeSung – Heal The World (Dream Concert 091011) [TS 1920×1088]

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Park Hyo Shin & tei – Listen (MBank 090925) [TS 1920×1088]

sorry for being late on this file >”< …… hehe….i almost forgot  that i need to share this

Park Hyo Shin – After Love (MBank 090925) [TS 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~ wow ! in this girl-group battle dance music ..he still stands strong and gets to no.1 AMAZING!!!

Gift by Park Hyo Shin (090919) – JaeJin & Minhwan [800×600]

late ……. i know yah ~ they were having fun in Jaeju island …leaving the 3 others working in shows and drama …(they must be jaelous) and and and … XD when Minhwan was bathing… Jaejin …(what a naughty kid… XDXD) ai !!! aren’t you curious what did Jin see ???