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[450p] Music Core 2009-08-29 (Full Show CUT)

woot ~ i really need to catch up with my sharing T.T …out of energy these days T.T … Today…. hehe… let’s just say i need a reason to post that pic XD … enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~

Navi – Wasteful tears (Music Bank 090828) [TS 1920×1088]

enjoy ~ don’t forget 2 say thanks ^^~ They call it “Navi’s dance debut” she has such a perfect voice for ballad yet … … well, can’t really blame her .. korean music these days …

Music Bank 2009-07-03 (full show cut)

i named the files wrong ^^~ … the file’s resolution is just 640×352 this time enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~

[album] Various Artists – Love Tonic (As One/ Navi …)

ARTIST : VARIOUS ARTISTS (AS ONE / NAVI …) SINGLE PREVIEW: LOVE TONIC Release Date: 2009-06-16 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad/Pop/Dance Bit Rate: 192  KBPS

NAVI (ft Boom) – Heart Damaged (MusicBank 090522) [HD 1920×1088]

HOT MUSIC STAGE !!! ^^…. REQUEST PLEASE!!! DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! i’m really into this song XDXD…… among all the rappers (Crown J / 2PM’s leader / some unknown guys / Boom) , i feel love Crown J the most … LOL!!! he makes the raps sound cruel but awesome at the same time […]

[MV] Blue Brand – 12 Doors (VA: MC mong Navi) [HQ]

HD QUALITY only ONE MV was made for this album, u can download the album [ HERE ]….. I don’t know all the songs name , but there’s also “Simple Love” (Navi & MC Mong) . And the MV is cute too ^^….

Inkigayo 2009-05-03 (12 performances) (full show cut + HongKi mc)


[MV] navi (ft crown j) – heart damage