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M! Countdown 2009-06-18 (Full Show Cut)

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Music Bank 2009-06-05 (Full Show CUT)


[OST] Six Months O.S.T – Lena Park / Monday Kiz / Lee Seung-chul

ARTIST : VARIOUS [LENA PARK. LEE SEUNG-CHUL. MAGOLPY. MONDAY KIZ. ZION] ALBUM: SIX MONTHS O.S.T Release Date: 2009-05-… Language: Korean Genre: Soundtrack Bit Rate: 192 KBPS

[MV] Lee Seung Chul – My Nails Came Off

[OST] sad story than sadness ost

ARTIST : VARIOUS ARTISTS SOUNDTRACK: SAD STORY THAN SADNESS OST Release Date: 2009-03-… Language: Korean Genre: O.S.T Bit Rate: 192 KBPS

[mv] lee seung chul – no one eles (the sad story than sadness ost)

Music Bank 2009-01-30 (20 Performances)

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M!Countdown 090122 VS M!Countdown 090108

Finally ,i decided to share this show i’m not sure if i’ll continue upload this show so just enjoy when u can ,ok the M!Show on 8th Jan. is actually higher quality then the 22th ok! now ,tell me what you want ,what u really really want – samie – LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

Music Core 2009-01-10 (14 performances)

Without requests! Nothing will be uploaded. music bank and music core’s perfs are basically the same this week .But i always like Mcore’s stage more ^^…brighter ,colorful and cute.! – Samie – (Only requested perf.s are shared) links are available .HAVE FUN! added with more links~

[MV] Lee Seung Chul – “Can You Hear Me” (Heard) (East Of Eden OST 2)