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Lee Junghyun – Suspicious Man (Music bank 100521) [TP|1920×1080]

[MV-FULL HD] Lee Jung Hyun – Suspicious Man [AVI|1920×1080]

[450p] Music Core 2009-07-25 (full show CUT)

have fun ~ FT Island’s performance can be found [ HERE ]

Music Bank 2009-07-03 (full show cut)

i named the files wrong ^^~ … the file’s resolution is just 640×352 this time enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~

[450p] SBS Inkigayo 090705 (full show + MC CUT)

sorry for being late T_T….Music Bank will be up later … due to my laziness REQUEST PLEASE Links Updated !! enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~

M! Countdown 2009-06-18 (Selected TP 720×480)

Enjoy!! But don’t forget to say “thanks”

[MV] Lee Jung Hyun – Joolae [HQ 720×480] (as requested)

[as requested] … The song was released in 2000, and lately it was covered by Wonder Girl and Kara (in 2008, i guess) . For Kara’s performance, u can check MBC Dance Battle. Please say thanks if you download

M! Countdown 2009-06-18 (Full Show Cut)

PLEASE REQUEST !!! Download links are now ready ^^… 6 download links have been added

[450p.720p] Inkigayo 090614 (full show + MC CUT)

Hongki was wearing H.O.T’s candy-outfit [720p HD] HONGKI MC IS NOW AVAILABLE! REQUEST FOR THE FILE , PLZ  ^.^!!! ALL dowload links were added !

Music Bank 2009-06-12 (Full Show CUT)

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