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SBS Gayo Daejun 12.29.2009 (IPOD MP4)

i’m not sure if anyone is interested… but these are MP4 cuts from SBS Inkigayo. 🙂 ready to download for your iPod. 🙂 enjoy! PS: Shinwoo Hyung is soooooo hot MCing. keke ^,^~~ (– ikay here ^^–)

[MV] K.Will – Love Is Punishment [HQ]

[MV] K.Will – Love Is Punishment (Starring Lee Seung Ki) [Brilliant Legacy OST]

[450p] SBS Inkigayo 2009-07-12 (Full Show + MC Cut)

REQUEST PLEASE Links Updated !! enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~

[450p] SBS Inkigayo 090705 (full show + MC CUT)

sorry for being late T_T….Music Bank will be up later … due to my laziness REQUEST PLEASE Links Updated !! enjoy ~ please say thanks ^^~

[450p] Music Bank 2009-06-26 (Full Show CUT)

isn’t this what you’re waiting for ^^… REQUEST PLEASE !!! As i always say, request fast ~ upload fast .. And thank you all for supporting ^^… Links Updated !! have fun  ^^~

BaekJiYoung JuSungMo K.Will – That’s What Friends Are For [Music Bank 090626] (HD 1920X1088)

REQUEST NOW !!! Links Updated !! have fun  ^^~ (well, actually i didn’t want to upload this perf in a show with … “idols flowing” like this … this perf can’t have much attention anyways) Overall, this one is an amazing perf … but Ju Sung Mo…er…if he wasn’t trying to show off too much […]

[450p.720p] Inkigayo 090614 (full show + MC CUT)

Hongki was wearing H.O.T’s candy-outfit [720p HD] HONGKI MC IS NOW AVAILABLE! REQUEST FOR THE FILE , PLZ  ^.^!!! ALL dowload links were added !

Music Bank 2009-06-12 (Full Show CUT)

REQUEST FOR THE FILE , PLZ  ^.^!!! 18 dowload links were added !

[450p.720p] Inkigayo 090607 (full show + MC CUT)

some ppl says they don’t like hongki’s outfit today… well, i like it ^^…sporty, don’t u think ? REQUEST FOR THE FILES PLEASE !!! DOWNLOAD LINKS HAVE BEEN ADDED !! [720p HD] HONGKI MC IS NOW AVAILABLE!