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[ENGSUB] FT Island (FT Triple) – MNet Director’s CUT (091130) [800×600]

TRANSLATED BY Melisasasa, Xiaosi, pandalette EDITTED BY ShinA & Jaimi Sun SUBBED BY Hailey. NEW MAIN CHANNEL OF HAPPY ISLAND :

FT Triple – Love Letter (MBC Music Core 091121) [HD 1920×1088]

(1024×576) UPDATED ! I just HAD to take this screencap of MinHwan because he looked so adorable when the camera zoomed in on him ^^

FT Triple – Love Letter (M.Bank 091113) [HD 1920×1088 + HQ]

once again ~ M.B’s stage suits this song the most but … how come they didn’t have any perf on Inki ?

FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091105) [TS 720×480]

FT Triple – Love Letter (Music Core 091107) [HD 1920×1088 + HQ]

i always like Music Core’s stage better but some how this time … it feels like MBank did a better job ^.^ … MCore is just … too orange ? And plus, outfits of the boys at MBank is way better

FT Triple – Love Letter (Music Bank 091106) [HD 1920×1088 + HQ]

oh my my !!! XDXD … Goat looks amazingly amazing here i know a lot of you stop liking goat because of his hairstyle in 3rd album but now… XD look again !!! oh my … i’m goat’s fan from now on XDXD

FT Triple – Love Letter (Music Bank 091030) [HD 1920×1088 + HQ]

unfortunately ^^~ 1920×1088 version hasn’t finished uploading  … and i have my classes now … it’ll be here later

FT Triple – Love Letter (Mcountdown 091029) [TS 720×480]

i got a warning because of sharing FT Triple’s album in my wordpress that’s why i can’t share anything related to them now (i don’t want my blog got deleted ) However, ^^~ don’t worry ~ their performances will be fully uploaded here