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Chung Lim – Step (YStar Live Power 090711) [TS 704×480]

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Chung Lim – Step [Music Bank 090626] (HD 1920X1088)

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[450p] Music Bank 2009-06-26 (Full Show CUT)

isn’t this what you’re waiting for ^^… REQUEST PLEASE !!! As i always say, request fast ~ upload fast .. And thank you all for supporting ^^… Links Updated !! have fun  ^^~

AJ ChungLim Taegoon – Dance Battle [Music Bank 090626] (HD 1920X1088)

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Star Golden Bell Ep238 (090530) – HongKi ChungLim Sori AfterSchool

the show was supposed to aired last week, but because of the thing that happened to korean president…. it was delayed till this week… anyways, full show (800×450) will definitely be uploaded ~ ~ and for the 720p version … i’ll upload if i feel like to FULL SHOW UPLOADED !!!

Inkigayo 2009-04-26 (full show cut + hongki MC) [800×450]

REQUEST FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!! HONGKI MC CUT [HD 720p & 450p] this show is an exception … u can see just by looking at the caps, the resolutions are all (800×450) ^_^ [old files’s resolutions are (640×352)] ….with a reasonable file-size, perfect quality …i’ll try to have HD 720p release as soon as […]

M! Countdown 2009-04-16 (Selected performances) [HD 720×480]

Even i don’t kn ow why this show was posted-up that fast …Especially it has nothing to do with FT ISLAND XDXD Anyways, since many ppl here requested for the last week’s special stage…….i’ll try to have it uploaded as soon as possible ^^………….just enjoy this week’s candy first !!!! SPECIAL STAGE THIS WEEK: CHUNG […]

[MV] Chung Lim – Step


Inkigayo 2009-03-29 (full show cut + hongki MC)

Wnat did Heechul do to Hongki Let him go let him go!!! >”< Hongki did Son Dam bi’s ‘Are you crazy’ and ‘saturday night’ dance again … ofcouse, in a cute way DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR FULL SHOW [DONE!]