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Music Core 090307 (Full Show Cut)


Music Core 2009-02-14 (14 Perf.s) + HDTV 1920×1088

I didnt want to upload this show …but since many ppl asked for it so…^^ request for your fav. ~ enjoy! ALL PERFORMANCES ARE READY FOR DOWNLOAD!!!! GO GO GO!!!

Inkigayo 2009-02-15 (full show +hongki MC cut) [+HD 1920×1088]

{what’s leader doing there …i’d like to be in the between} Samie’s field ~ ….full show list’s updated for request ~ ok ,then ^^…since hailey’s done uploading the HD files … and since its my turn ,u need to request to get the links u hate me much ,right ? […check out FT Island’s categlorie […]

Music Bank 2009-02-13 (22 Performances)

How was your valentine day ^^…. have a happy new week and enjoy! Don’t forget FT Island’s comeback perf tonight request now DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE ALL ADDED!!!!!

Inkigayo 2009-02-01 (15 Performances) + HongKi MC Cut

cute hongki yeah ~ lets the music start …more pics will come ~ ^^ btw …just wanna let you know ,samie has updated the links on MUSIC BANK PERFORMANCES Check it out [ here ] or [ here ] DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!! XD

Music Core 2009-01-31 (17 Performances)

– Uploaded and shared by samie – waiting for inkigayo (hongki’s MC) ….open for requests i have an idea PAY ATTENTION PLEASE!!! The first and second one who comment on this entry will get the download links soonest ^^~ i’ll send it through your email address…so…TRY TO BE THE FIRST!!! Leave your email address please!!! […]

Music Bank 2009-01-30 (20 Performances)

– Uploaded and shared by samie – have yourself a happy weekend. Request for your fav. perfs LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Core 2009-01-24 (18 performances)

Enjoy the show! feel free to request ^^… LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

Music Bank 2009-01-16 (18 performances)

as always ,u know how to get the links =) ya~ its really cold here ….is there cold?! keep yourself warm <3…or maybe…cold =D enjoy the show! – samie – LINKS UPDATED!!!

[single] blue spring – i love you i love you

ARTIST : BLUE SPRING SINGLE: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU Release Date: 2009-01-09 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad Bit Rate: 192 KBPS