caerola – dreaming island

hello hello *waves* i’m Carol and a 94’er. i’m full chinese (therefore i am a translator ^^ i speak cantonese but I’ve learnt mandarine for more than 10 years haha and still learning) and i live in Melboune, Victoria (Australia) haha i think i’m the only one that’s from Australia *peace sign* SIGH I’ve been a translator for a while but school got in the way so i haven’t done many projects

I’ve been fangirling since the around March after seeing FT Island on a Chinese game show thingy ^^ after tht i’ve been falling head over heels over them! hahaha I seriously have to thank that show for having FTI as a special guest which got me so much into kpop!

~SIGH~ how i wish to see them in person!  for those who’ve seen them and me reading pages of others saying that they have seen them in person, jealousy ran through me haha ==” (BUT i DO have their autographs! hahaha i only have my minhwannie’s, hongki, jaejin and wonbins autographs) wondering how i got it? bahaha asian connections FTW  *i will definitely get all their autographs by my best friend’s friend 😀 :D* gahhh i’m bragging now ==”

my fave FTI member is my Minhwannie oppa but ahhh~~i love them all dearly. my heart jumped when i got their 2nd repackaged album, my minhwannie looked so good in the photobook thing, my heart skipped a bit hahahah

i sometimes think of myself as a crazy fangirl as i have nagged my mum  to get me albums of the bands i love, which of course FTI therefore i have ALL their albums. ahh~~ i’m also a huge fangirl and SHINee (my dubu leader Onew! ^^ haha love them all), 2PM, BEAST my main obssessions as you may know i have all their albums haha ~SIGH~ i’m such a fangirl my friends think i’m overly obssessed with these guy bands which i don’t deny at all hahahah. i’m jst blabbling right now

well then, moving on 😀 the projects i’ve done are very few ^^i do enjoy translating as while i translate i get to have my fangirling moments while watching hahaha

Hangul Island Season 2 Ep 8

FT Island’s Choi JongHun – Mnet Scandal ep 20

thanks for reading this very long thing about me ^^

hope i didn’t bore you fti fans

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