Rachel- Hope Island~

My names Rachel, full Korean, so i guess i’m a “subber” haha, and from Washington.

I’m too young for you too know my age haha,born in 1996.

I’m new to this stuff so i have no idea what i’m supposed to do.

Sorry, but I’ve got the biggest crush on Hongki xD

Favorite Boy band, pretty obvious it’s FT Island ;D and occasionally (2PM, Big Bang)

I’m really lazy so i haven’t been doing much lately.

I’ve been all up in school and sports so i don’t get on often,

but if you give me something to do, i’ll try my best to do so.

You’re Beautiful was my favorite drama so far.

I’m korean but i wish i were part japanese too.

Basketball is my favorite sport, i play select for the “Fighting Knights”

Anything to do with dramas; ft island; i like it.

Hehe, it’s a pleasure to be here to work with all of you guys.

Here’s my about me from my myspace since i couldn’t think of anything else to say (;

About me: Basketball is my game. Korean. One of those basketball shorts, skinny jeans, sweatshirt, loose tee kinda person. i LOVE Nike. I’m outgoing. I’m a people person. My inspiration is Sharyn Spradlin, the person that i can easily talk to, and my inspiration of creativity. Inspiration, Michael Jordan, to be the best out there on the courts and in life. I have my hopes and dreams, and i believe they will never die down. I actually like school. I try my best at everything. I like dreaming about eating. I want to collect shoes, its cool. I like doing extra ordinary things. I like when people play jazz on the alto sax. Break dancing amuses me. Music, i won’t go no where without my ipod. But you get it, i’m an easy going person. Give it a try. When you see me you’ll know i’m, crazy, funny, a person who loves basketball. I may seem like that, but i have my calm chill side too. Drama is so fun to watch, but i don’t like being involved in it. Leave your drama for your mama kids.

Saddest thing ever.


  1. thanks so much for ur work!
    i used to have a korean friend.
    i love her so so much.
    she’s our unnie.
    [since,me & my other online buddies also know her,
    so its “our”]
    but then,her younger sister told us that she passed away.
    i was so so so so very very very sad.
    words cant describe my feeling T-T
    i cried so much that day.
    eventho she’s my online friend,
    she’s my only korean friend.

    i’m hoping to make friends with you,neways.
    sorry for setting the sad mood,btw. ;D

  2. no, no, its fine
    if you wanna start talking hit me up some time(:
    msn: bananaisgood4u123@hotmail.com
    gmail: 0cherrypanda0@gmail.com

  3. aigooo!!my name is Rachel too!!And I am younger than you!!I was born on 1997!

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