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[MV] Super Nova (Cho Shin Sung) – Anyeong (Goodbye) [HD 720×480]

thanks for my sis: Mochi ^^ From Vivien

Super Nova – Super Star(2008.05.30)(KBS Music Bank)

Super Nova- Super Star (KBS Music bank 2008.05.09)

[From Vivien]

[mini concert 090103] Supernova – Fes Vol 1 Six shooting star

<<From Vivien>>

[MV] Supernova ‘Mini Drama’ (DVDRip)+ ‘Hit’ [HQ avi]

as i promised, this is the official MV ripped from DVD, so u can enjoy a DVD without any payment ke ke ke, enjoy^^ and special thank to my lovely sis, Quyen, allowed me to post this MV here, she is really kind with me ^^ and thank to Moon_kaka@LJ for her links this MV […]