Hailey – Happy Island


hey hey , this is Hailey….
I was born in 1991 … happy you already know how old i am, don’t you XD … same as our Jinnie big grin
and that makes i have both dongsaeng and oppa in just one band – FT Island

It seems like i’m a perfectionist XDXD …. i always pay too much attentions to the little details, which makes good “things” happen to me (like good marks in school tongue) but also, killing my time …really !
I hate following “rules” that somebody created, and always want things to be done in my way big grin
And as what people say, if you want something to be done in the right way, you better do it yourself. That’s why i always hold too much works on my own T.T

Lastly, I’m Vietnamese but currently studying in France ^.^
Glad to make friend with ya winking


Happy Island or also called H.I
is our new subbing team ^.^ “new name” for using the right word, a subbing team for only FT Island
As some of you have already known , we used to be called “Primadonna Subbing Squad”.
But, something happens and now i can’t contact with PSS‘s admin. It leaves me no choice but creat a new subbing team big hug

We have quite a lot of subbers in this small team happy However, they have … if not school then their personal life to cary on, that’s why we always need more members love struck
Please email me (ledoquyen90@gmail.com) if you want to be part of our subbing team batting eyelashes

For now, every member of our subbing team has a page to take care.
Hey ^.^ why don’t you take just one minute to drop by their pages and say hi happy



  1. Mariel Lin · ·

    Sis, you have been working so hard these days…Your effort is AMAZING. Haaaa, I think I’ll visit this site more often to give you my support.(Am I good? You think? hohoho) Great job! Keep Going sis! HWAITING!

  2. ledoquyen · ·

    thanks Mariel …haha ,ure not only good!!!you’re superzzz…love ya! ^_^

  3. Mariel Lin · ·

    Sis, are U going to update FT Island’s performance today on Music core, as well as SBS ‘Good Daddy’? If so, I want to say thanks in advance. Have a nice day!

  4. hi are you going to post the star king episode where hongki dressed up as a girl???
    would really love to see that…
    thank you so much…:)

  5. ledoquyen · ·

    yup yup why not!! =D…Hong Ki looks ..so cute in girl =]]
    cuter than a real girl …haha…

    omg! im tired to death this week T_T…its like tons of variety shows and music show and newest release >.<

  6. mariellin · ·

    Ah I forgot that you haven’t graduated from High School right? So, take care till the exam finish, as well as TRYING YOUR BEST on everything. Haaaaaaaa. Have a nice Sunday!

  7. lots!!!!
    there’s even good daddy????!!!!!
    oh my

  8. mariellin · ·

    Today is the day that Idol Army Season 2 Ep4 broadcast…want to see FT Island (especially Hong Ki) hooooooo. And the most important thing is 3rd anniversary of SuJu!( 6th Nov).

  9. wah!!!! thanks for posting the 4th ep of idol army!!!

  10. mariellin · ·

    Sis! This is just curious, so don’t take it in mind okie? I wonder if u dislike WGs? cuz I feel your words quite serious…

  11. SilverHorse · ·

    Hi, EveryDay I Visit you blog in 360, I Like Performance, Music Video Especially, And Single Some Time. Thanx for sharing, I Appreciate you hardwork for Upload Them. 🙂

  12. Yo! I like your site! You are amazing to upload SO much videos for us kpop fans! I want to say thankyou, before i’m gonna downloads some of your stuff! Keep it up, take school seriously, and THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thank you so much for all the goodies! you’re the best! please continue blogging! more power. 🙂

  14. thanks for the music…love your blog….:) 🙂 🙂

  15. mariellin · ·

    Sis! I really want to say thanks you, I know that you gain lots of these words almost everyday, I till want to say it to you AGAIN…I’ve been away for a long time, but you always keep up your job and workinng very hard each single day. I was so lazy these day, on other hand, you were going on with the work, so after I came back, I have all the video as well as the songs to enjoy. I really appreciate…Love u just so much! I proud of my self that I could make friend with you, Sis! Best wishes for you! Whatever happens, I’ll be beside you, so please call me if you need a hand. Good night!

  16. hey!!!
    i got lots of music from your blog again!!!!
    thank you very much!!!
    i really love your blog… 🙂
    keep it up!
    thank you for sharing… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. wayya! i saw from your other blog the mv of ft island!!!!
    i really love it!!!
    can’t wait for their album!!!!
    super thanks for sharing!!!!
    hongki was so hot in the pics!!!!
    i can’t get over it!!!! it’s LOVE!

  18. happy virus · ·

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE STUFFS YOU’VE BEEN POSTING! I’ve been following your Yahoo blog but it’s only now I was able to thank you. Thank you! I appreciate all the hard work! From now on I’ll be posting in all the entries I download from!

  19. Thanks you so much for share all the stuff with us here.I listen Kpop more than any music these days.Luv your blog

  20. hi samie!
    i can’t post a comment in the other blog so i’ll just comment here. hope you are able to read this.
    thanks fos posting the vids…i was able to download kara’s and shinee’s performance..thank you very much…the vids are very clear… : kamsahamnida… 🙂

  21. i really love your blog!!!!
    thanks for sharing! REALLY!
    wah! thanks!

  22. hello!!!!!
    merry christmas..hailie and samie!

  23. ledoquyen · ·

    Haha…thanks boo ^^…merry christmas to you too!
    its samie here =D…
    best wishes to you ^^

  24. welcome!
    oh you haven’t posted hk’s ep here in the sbs thing…but i’ll thank you now for posting…. 🙂
    so happy with your blog…
    thank you very much…:)
    hope you are doing fine… 🙂

  25. Thanks
    Cant wait to watch Wonderbang!!

  26. onelostcookie · ·

    hi thanks for making this so i’m able to comment :)i’m sure many (including myself) appeciate you searching and uploading things for us ♥

    um.. I wanted to request something but I’m not sure where that goes >< so i’ll just do it here?
    Can I request: 090108 Mnet Countdown 2PM Goodbye Stage
    I am collecting all and everything 2pm 😀
    Please and thanks ♥

  27. i kinda just found out about your website/blog and i want to say what a wonderful blog this is all the updates i need for KPop… great
    oh yeah you have my FULL support !!
    XIE XIE !! 🙂

  28. jongmalhanteukjin · ·

    haloo ledoquyen..

    can you upload perf seungri in m net m countdown date of 08 january o9..

    sorry with my english..

  29. Hi,I was wondering if you have a request page somewhere?
    (p.s.great blog, keep up the good work)

  30. ledoquyen · ·

    well , i had one on other blog…its on yahoo! 360.

    i don’t know ,should i make one here ?!
    coz these days i dont have much time fullfill requests ^^..

  31. Oh ok.Dont worry about it then 🙂
    Good luck with your year 12 studies (i’m assuming cause your the same age as me and i’m year 12 this year.lol)

  32. ledoquyen · ·

    no =D…actually…i’ve done with 12 grace last year =D although its true that im ur age ^^…
    im now in the university…in france =)

  33. oh.lol.wow..that means you started school early then?
    anywhos,congrats on getting into a uni 🙂
    what course you doing?
    (p.s.Happy Chinese New Year.lol.which is today)

  34. Thank you! I like your blog!

  35. luvpublicenemy · ·

    hi ya! ^^
    thank u so much!!
    i adores your determination..^^
    thanks again for this hard work..its just so GREAT!!
    Keep it up k…;D

  36. Kawaii Ran · ·

    how u doing ??…my names Malak,from Triploi_Libya ^^and i lo0oved ur blog, its gorgeous^^ …..ANYWAY realy thanx for uploading all theze great stuff…so i lo00ve to connect with u ..thatz my email kawaii-ran@hotmail.com

  37. ledoquyen · ·

    hi Malak…^^…nice to meet you too =)

  38. Kawaii Ran · ·

    hi can you upload sam of jpop the new music’s or pv’s PLZ

  39. Kawaii Ran · ·

    Do U have MV of

    G AmazingSoul-LonelyLife

  40. onliadreamer · ·

    Your blog is awesome, thanks for taking the time to do this! You’re probably really busy, but would you happen to have Norazo’s Nae.Do.So MV? I’ve been looking for it everywhere =(. It’s cool if you don’t, just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks again, for everything!

  41. hi nice site. it really makes me happy that i can grab some kpop stuff here. clubbox doesnt work for me anymore which stinks. do you know where i can get the kbs special hiphop stage show? the one in feb 13 or 14. the one with dynamic duo, and tasha, bizzy performing .

  42. can i request [mv] lee hyori – u go girl…….thax babe =p

  43. I love your blog, it’s layout nicely, just have a question: I’ve download some SS501 perf (mcountdown 090122) and (mcountdown 081127) and just ask for permission if i can upload somewhere else?? Thank you for all the uploads

  44. Hi, coming to say hello & sending my grating to you.

    Thanks for your music, it is awesome.
    BTW, do you have the singer named “JULY” songs?

  45. Wow, i just found ur blog, it’s awesome, hope u’ll never give up and can upload more sub vids, thanx!!

  46. Hi!!
    I’ve got many clips and songs from ur blog.
    I think it’s time for me to offer s.th back for you.
    Would you like the clip about FT in Thailand last year?.
    Plz let me know

  47. ledoquyen · ·

    ^ thanks june ^^…it’s so nice of you.
    what’s that clip about …it’s your personal clip or u got it somewhere? =D
    and sure =”>…i want everything related FT island =D
    plz get in touch with me ^^…email : ledoquyen90@gmail.com

  48. smilieface092 · ·

    heya…you have a great page thanks for all these links 😀 (sorry for spamming your posts with my thanks)

  49. Exsecrabilus · ·

    I love your blog, I always download all my music from here.

    My favorite song is Love 119 by K.Will, and I noticed that you don’t have all his performances on Music Bank, Music Core, etc. on here.

    Can you please upload them if you can? You don’t have to, since you already uploaded so many…but it would be nice.

    Thank you.

  50. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Exsecrabilus: hi ^^…it’s great to know u like my blog =)

    K.Will’s performances…well, i dont say i have them all. But there’re 17 posts related to him and his song ‘Love 119’
    u should check his category which is written as K.Will on the left side of the screen ^^…have fun!

  51. I love your blog too haha:)

    I actually download all the videos in here.

    Want you to know that you make me days=)

  52. Kawaii Ran · ·

    hi!,can i know u r from where???

  53. Lâu lâu về lại wp.com, nhảy vào trúng đây vì thấy tên Lê Đỗ Quyên hay hay. Chẳng down bài nào trong này cả, nhưng comment để support. I know how time consuming this is, I used to do these kind of things (nhatkyviet).

  54. Hello..
    I have some requests on F.T Island’s MV.
    I’m actually searching for their old MVs.
    I hv checked ur posts, but some links are unavailable due to inactivity.
    Would u mind to re-upload these videos to MEDIAFIRE?
    * Man’s Love Goes To Grave & Only One Person MV
    * I’m Happy MV

    I really appreciate u if u can do this..
    Thanks.. ^^

  55. Exsecrabilus · ·

    I’m sorry to say that this site is not as great as it used to be a few weeks ago.

    My Internet is not as rapid as in Korea, so I cannot afford to download a 500 MB file that is equal to a 3 minute video.

    I loved having one page of, let’s say, Music Bank on the 26th of December 2008, and seeing at once all the artists who performed on the show.
    Now, each artist who performed on a single day each have their own separate article, and this site is getting really cluttered, and it’s pushing off all the new album articles from the front page.

    But best of all, in the old way, the 3 minute clips were 50 MB instead of 500 MB. I don’t really give a crap how good quality they are (as long as they aren’t 10×10 pixels) I just want to watch the damn performances!

    And now, since you’re uploading high-quality videos of like every single performance on Music Bank, you’re uploading less and less.

    Please, revert back to the old way, or offer low-sized files as alternative downloads!

  56. Exsecrabilus · ·

    Also, I forgot to add, that there are about 10 different sites I have found that all have high quality music show performances.

    What made this site different and shine was the conversion to lower quality, which made the video sizes significantly smaller and made me happier.


  57. Thanks You For sharring

  58. Kamsahamnida, ChongMalyo
    i’m huge fan of Kpop music too
    they all are stunning
    thanks for providing us the latest and great music

  59. I just wondering where you get the HQ files for FT Island 1st concert? I really want to download it too. thanks in advanced ^^

  60. Hi Hailey

    Sorry for my long time absence. The clip that I’ve told u, I’d like to send it to you but now my internet is so suck.

    I’ll send to u whenever the connection is fixed.

  61. jaeyoona · ·

    1st of alL i want 2 thank u 4 alL diz stuff..
    ur bl0g is super duper awes0me..
    i really appreciate it!!
    cheongmal kamsamnida!!;-D

  62. heyy. THANKSS@@ 😀 I finally found the song i wanted >_< THx =]

  63. thanks for your video, but why i can’t open it ?

  64. if u see my comment, please tell me how to watch your video that i had download from mediafire.
    here’s my email angelicon_blue@hotmail.com

  65. lane0727 · ·

    hey sis, ur doing very well, thx for the sharing for all ur things like it very much

  66. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks for all the uploads!!!

  67. omgoodness.. i was so happy that you had yoon jong shin’s 11th album! thank you very much~ i love your blogspot! thank you again!

  68. YOU ARE AWESOME. seriously.

  69. Thanks for sharing ^^

  70. minichoco · ·

    thx for your hardwork to upload all video here..
    but keep upload the MQ performance please, coz my internet speed so slow so i just like to download the MQ videos.. especially for the performance..

    and i didn’t see the MCore full perform cut after 090307 untill now..
    why MCore? Because so many special perform there..
    so, please upload the MQ full perform cut again..

  71. ledoquyen · ·

    ^^ hi minichoco =)
    ok ^^…i’ll think about that next week =)
    i’m extremly busy this weekend T_T

    and…also…there’re some reasons that make me dont like music core these days …XD…
    anyways, i’ll try to upload the show next week ^^

  72. shawn · ·

    Hi~ thanks for all the stuffs, do you have han kyung il’s latest album sensibility and sgwannabe’s gift from sgwannabe and jo sung mo’s second half album?


  73. matsurika · ·

    really love your blog~
    you’re super awesome to upload all of these stuff^^
    keep up your good work and hwaiting!!!
    have fon with your school too~ lolz ^^

  74. yoyo_icecube · ·


    thanks for uploading those video..
    im really appreciate that…
    i wonder if you have some of KARA’s special stage
    because i really want ;

    kara singing NOW(fin.KL)
    kara n lee hyori special stage
    break it(2007), get ya, n u go girl(inkigayo 500th, i think..)

    if you have it…can u pls upload it??
    thanks in adevance…

  75. Hello!

    I’m happy to see your second blog! I was always gone to your first and i was surprised to not see uploaded songs or video anymore….

    Anyway even I dont post a lot( sorry for that >.<…), I support your work which is wonderful.

    Please continue like this, because your blog is the only one I often follow.

    Merci beaucoup


  76. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks for uploading all these MVs and Mp3 albums,
    and I just want to ask that do you any plans
    to categorize Mp3 and Music videos under the categories menu, cos sometimes its very hard to find, By the way, Do you have Wonder girls “Now” music video, If you have , please upload! Thanks a lot!!!!!! ^_^

  77. ledoquyen · ·

    @ GorillaZack: hi ^^…that’s a nice idea…but, that also means i have to change more than 1000posts’s tags … T_T

    You can find mp3 and music video by clicking on the artists’s categories.
    or not, on the top-left, there’s a search engine ~ try it with the keyword ‘album’ or ‘single’ to find mp3s ……. and keyword ‘MV’ for all the MVs available here ^^…

    enjoy! ^^~

  78. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks a lot!!!! It helps!!!!!

  79. thanks!! its a really nice blog. but when i download files that are split, it always has .txt after the .001

    for example: xxxxxxx.avi.001.txt, xxxxxxxxx.avi.003.txt

    how to get these to work??

  80. ledoquyen · ·

    hi moji ^^…
    it’s not supposed to have .txt behind the file extension .001 .002 !!!
    the file suppposed to be like this: filename.001 ~ and just like this !
    after u get a file with the extension .001 .002 .003 etc, let’s use HJSplit to join all them in.

    Check your download again, it could be an error, u should also check the filesize ^^…
    hope that helps

  81. Hello!

    I would like to know if you could comment the music you upload as you did in your first blog. I always found it interessting that you said your advice about a song, an album or an artist.

    Thanks again ^o^

  82. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Pooja: that’s a nice idea… i’ll try =D

  83. Thanks, I really appreciate!

  84. come here to say thanks again ;D

    woo huu~~~keep going!!!

  85. Hi!!!
    Congratulations for your blog!
    Can I make to you one little question?
    Im always looking for HD files, but I never found full shows in HD T__T
    I see that you upload cuts, but where do you find the shows? (or de cut in hd)

    Thanks a lot ^^

  86. chickenfeeder · ·

    hello, just want to say a big big thank you…all the videos im looking for is all here because of you…ur the best.. hehe.. 🙂

  87. Hi!! I really like the fact that you have so many FT Island clips!! Aja!!

    May I please ask if you have their earlier albums. Cause I’m looking for CHeerful Sensibility, The Refreshment, and Soyogi.

    Thanks so much for these videos!!

  88. jaeyoona · ·

    thnx 4 uploading all the mv & performances…
    i realy appreciate it..
    thnx very2 muc..

    i wanna make a request here..
    do u have TVXQ’s performances on music bank (3/10/08) & music core (25/10/08)??
    can u upload it??
    i realy want it…
    thnx again…=]

  89. can i request old mp3
    As One – My Only Wish

  90. christeeeee · ·

    i was just wondering, how come the catorgory list thing on the left of your page gone? ):
    so i dont know where to click to download all the good daddy eps… and click on single artists names..

    please help ^^ thanks

  91. parcann · ·

    hi there..
    i so like your blog..
    How do you find the time to upload all these stuff.. KPOP music and Music Videos and etc..
    i mean i do also have a blog but only concentrated on kpop music.. but oftentimes i feel very tired and just wanted to close my blog but then i changed my mind everytime because i know it wil be a big waste haha 😛
    oh by the way..i have a question
    how do you make those screenshots of videos
    like this one:

    hope you can respond.. thanks and keep up 😀 cheers

  92. ledoquyen · ·

    @parcann: hi ^^… sorry for being late
    u can use Media Player Classic for taking the cap ^^..

    @christeeeee: hi ^^…sorry for being so damn late T_T .. sometimes it just happens ,i guess because wordpress was changing something on their server.
    anyways, i would change it as soon as i found out ^^..

    have fun ~

  93. Just wanna say thanks for your hardwork uploading and sharing files ^^

  94. Công việc của bạn thật đồ sộ, trước đây đã có một người cũng từng làm việc này rất thành công là bạn Việt (nhatkyviet), cảm ơn bạn với album OST “Speed scandal”.
    Mình cũng là một người rất thích Kpop, hy vọng sẽ có thể cùng chia sẻ sở thích.
    thats a great job! Cảm ơn bạn nhiều.

  95. Sis, I love you! U work so hard 4 us, thanks thanks thanks…. Keep up the Good work!! And u’re very fast ^^

    Btw, I miss FT ISLAND like crazy…. T-T ….
    I really look forward for their comeback

  96. thanks for the hard works!I’ve got loads of wonderful videos from your blog,thanks to you 😀

  97. woooowww…..
    u r amazing!!! u always updated with the latest asian music!!!!
    thx verryy much yo!!!
    but, sumtimes i cant dl ur vid!!
    can u add vid without cutting it coz i dun know how to reunite it again!! sorry 4 my bad english!!

  98. Soliloquize MV by Lee Jun Ki plzzzz…
    Arigatou~ne =p

  99. ledoquyen · ·

    @ zhou2: u should download hj split
    it’s a small but very useful software ^^~ and easy to use
    search for it on google, u’ll find both download links and how to use.

  100. evri ness · ·

    u’re awesome!!!u have done so many things for us!!!I really apreciatte what u’ve done!!i adore u and i’ll support u cause u worth it!!^___^
    well i was trying contacting u cause i really wanted to make a request pleaseee 😀 if it’s not a trouble and if u have time can u upload ”Outsider – 외톨이 (Loner)” MV cause i’ve been looking for it everywhere and havent found it 😦 or maybe his music bank or sbs performance pls,he is amazing^^ if u can
    thanks again for every video!! 😀 u rock!! 😉

  101. @evri ness: uploading that video for you right now ^^~
    that should be up ealier if it wasnt RAP…:D It just isn’t my taste XDXD
    And every time i see his performance … i will just try to ignore LOL!!

    anyways, the video will be upload…soon ^^~
    i also have the High Quality….but ..er…will upload it in another day .. 😛 …

  102. GorillaZack · ·

    Hi! I’m just wondering when the “4Minute – Hot Issue [Inkigayo 090628] (HD 1920X1088)” will be upload, cos I like 4minute so much, please upload
    soon, thanks for sharing all these videos !!! 🙂

  103. evri ness · ·

    lool hehe xD ok thanks a lot!!! 😀 that means much to me^^

  104. wanaini · ·

    he there~i just watched 2ne1 on yu heichol sketchbook(dunno how to spell this)…haha…
    so,can i request all the part when 2ne1 are singing?
    if cant then its okay~
    well,ur blog really help me with my korean addict…
    so,really thank you very much…

  105. I love your AVI ! It’s clear ^^
    But, I still waiting for your next upload about Minwo’s live performance with Minnovation at 9 & 10 july 09. Hope u can upload it ^^

  106. Ledo, Could you please Upload KBS mubank full performances cut yesterday? I really look forward to it, I’m sorry if my request bothering you, thankies! ^^

  107. christeee · ·

    hello ^^
    ur blog is amazing, without it i wouldnt be able to live!!
    and i also have some requests ^^”
    i was wondering if u had [070908] Star King episode with Ftisland 😀 iknow its a bit old, but i really want to watch it cos i cant find it ANYWHEREE :O

    pretty please may u help 😀 thankyoooo so muchhieess!!

  108. @christeee: i have that show ^^~
    i also have some old starking with FT island =D
    do u happen to know which eps (and the day) they appeared ? it would be nice if u tell me since im not sure i have them all =D

    i’ll upload the show that u requested, but please wait for me T_T i have so much things to do since im going out this friday =)
    IT WILL BE UPLOADED for sure =D so, don’t worry, ok ?

  109. hi there, i luv your blog, especially the performances uploads ^^

    i’m just wondering though, do you allow other ppl to use your screencaps and links to your downloads? Coz, i came upon a blog that uses some of your screencaps and your links…they do credit you of course…
    just thought you might want to check it out… http://mvdownloads.wordpress.com/about/

    if you are ok with it, then i’m sorry for taking some of your time ^^

  110. dear ledoquyen..
    i am so like ur blog theres alot new music n new pv…. it’s very hard work ne~.. ganbattte ne~…
    hey, do u have any recomended album??? sumtimes i confused when i saw ur blog, so many new album, show n pv/mv…

  111. ledoquyen · ·

    @zhou2: HI ^^~
    glad to know u like my blog =D
    yes! i do recommened some albums…u can just search by usin’ my search engine on top-left
    the key word is “recommended”
    But, i only recommend new artists, for some old ones (or famous ones) u’ll have to figure out urself =D

  112. ledoquyen · ·

    hi Aini =)
    thanks for lettin’ me know =) really appreciated that.
    I DO NOT ALLOW anyone take out my screencaps T_T
    and also T_T i DO NOT allow anyone take out my uploaded links T_T (without my permission)

    but at the same time T_T i can’t control everyone T_T … what can i do T_T
    i’ll leave a message to that blog ^^~ but god knows if they/him/her will stop taking my stuffs out =(

    thanks again !

  113. kinokisou · ·

    dear ledoquyen ^^

    can i re-upload your file ??
    and post in my site
    i promise i will give you full of credit.
    can I ?? or not ??

    anyway thanks for uploading all of file
    thank you and Fighting !! : ))

  114. ngoclan · ·

    Hi, I love your blog! It’s really informative on keeping me up to date with the latest Asian music scene. Since you know a lot about K-pop could you please help me identify the song that was sung in this video? It’s the part in the beginning with the two students, the guy raps then the girl sings. I really like that song but can’t find out what it is, maybe you could help me. Thanks so much!


  115. ledoquyen · ·

    @kinokisou: ^^~ hi! yes! u can … But to some files which is said “DO NOT TAKE OUT” … please don’t reupload =D

    and ofcouse ^^~ full credit would be nice. thanks.

    @ngoclan: sorry! i dont know the song. it seems like an old song. =P

  116. kinokisou · ·

    thank you !! ledoquyen ^_____^

  117. hi~~ledoquyen~~
    I really love ur blog~~~
    I always DL ur videos here~~~
    THANK U SO MUCH for all ur hardwork!!!!!

  118. pan2cute · ·

    hi ledoquyen..
    I enjoy your uploading
    I like ur blog..
    eniway can i ask u one thing..
    how to merge the boy boy video that u cut..
    I don’t know how to merge it..
    thanks for your help..

  119. ledoquyen · ·

    u should use HJ SPLIT ^^~
    search it in google ^^~

  120. hai ledoquyen . . I like your upload because it’s clear but the size is not too big.
    1st : can you upload perform in 17,18,24,25,26 july 09 ? Specialy SNSD, SHINee n 2Ne1. In a small size.
    2nd : how to use HJ SPLIT ? Can you tell me step by step please ^^ because I’ve download something in your blog that cut itno 4 item that have 001, 002, 003 & 004 kid of file. And when I split 001, it became into many part, 62 part. oh . . I’m so confused, who & where must I ask ? T.T
    Hope you will tell me ^^

    hm, that’s all . . thanks, you are the best !!!!

  121. ledoquyen · ·

    you’re not supposed to SPLIT the files AGAIN
    when u’ve got 001, 002, 003… u’re supposed to click on the JOIN button (right beside the split button) THEN CHOOSE 001 file as usual

    Got it?
    i’ll upload as much as i can ^^~

  122. oh, sorry . . I know my mistake now . . thank you SOOOO MUCHHHH !!!!!! I’m glad now . . ^^ so happy . .

    hm, sorry if I make you so busy or maybe you think I am so “want more”. but I realy can miss the performance T.T
    thanks, if you can’t, it’s OK . .

    thanks ledoquyen, thanks !!!!
    You are ALWAYS the best !!!!
    hwaiting !!!

    ^^ sorry if my comment too long~

  123. pan2cute · ·

    hai ledoquyen…
    can i request kara on sbs..
    I really love their new look
    just MQ
    i can’t download HQ..
    thanks beforee

  124. hi i new here…tq 4 upload the performance from sbs, mbc , n kbs…but can u make it into small file like the other day….i know u bit busy n u also upload ftisland most of all…but PLEASE upload to small file…PLEASE…

  125. hi…ledo…
    didnt know that u are so young
    anyway wanna big Thanks to you and ur group for sharing alot of kpop stuffs especially FT Island.
    I am a big fan of FT Island ^^
    I wanna ask for ur permission if i can share and re-up any related video of FT Island to my forum

  126. ledoquyen · ·

    yes ! ^^~
    please do not hot-link. Give me proper credit XD and i’m fine with that =)
    btw, can i ask what forum is that?

  127. Ledo thank you sooo much for the video, anyway how old are u?
    I’m really curious bcoz u did great job!!

  128. Thanks for all the good work, but one question:

    Are you planing to release the inkigayo special from 2nd of august in high definition. They play a lot of good old music and remixes.


  129. thanks ledo ^^ i will give proper full credits

    it’s MY FT Island forum a Malaysian fan based which support FT Island ^^

  130. opss forgot to give u the link just click on my name

  131. silentregretss ` · ·

    you hve no idea how grateful i am of you 🙂

  132. you’re totally one of the best source of kpop music there is on the net. totally appreciate your effort ^^ spread the love! *wink*

  133. Hi, can I ask what software you use to convert HDTV tp/ts files to avi? since I’m assuming that the 720p and other avi formats you convert them yourself right?
    and is TP or TS better?

  134. Greetings =))
    At you very good site, it is glad, that you try =))
    I will support you.
    And you if that look on me, at us with you similar interests =)
    Good luck to you

  135. You the good fellow that you make such work.
    It is difficult to find to the present worthy sites with the information, your such =))
    You the best!!!!!

  136. darkhyung · ·

    thanks kisses =p

  137. i want to say sorry to you for taking some of your files, and reupload it again without your permission. i’m very sorry, and i won’t do that again without your permission.

  138. ledoquyen · ·

    hi lyle ^^~
    i’m not sure who’re you =.= (sorry for my short term memory XD)
    But well, actually …all FT Island’s files here are allowed to REUPLOAD to FT ISLAND FANSITES.
    You just need one line of credit and it’s all fine to me ^^~
    However, to other artists files…reupload needs my permission =)

  139. ok. i’ll do that from now.

  140. ledoquyen,
    i’m happy to visit your blog with huge of korea HD sources…btw, i wonder do you have any HD source for Japan singer…
    and thanks for your effort

  141. Hiro Shionji · ·

    Thank you for all your had work and your time. this blog has become 1 of my favorites and hope you can post more HD files.

  142. maiianhpham · ·

    hey, thanks for all the hard work for uploading everything! very much appriciated(:

    but i was just wondering if the shows that are being posted with dl links subtitled or have subtitles that i am able to download? awaiting your reply.

    when you have time ofcourse, please e-mail me at maiianhpham@hotmail.com

  143. requesting for HD 4Minute – Hot Issue please,thanks^^

  144. You are amazing!!!!!~~ I love all your vids!!! :DD

  145. Thanks you somuch
    I will always support and stand beside u .. fighting fighting …
    one more thanks

  146. thanks so muchh

    i’ll always support u,too

    fighting !!!!!!!

  147. thanks loads!! you are awesome!! thanks loads for all the HD and ur hardworking efforts! =)

  148. great blog! thanks for all the uploading. 🙂

  149. hi!
    i´m brazilian, and i´d like to congratulate your work in this web site!
    here, in brazil, is too difficult to find stuff about kpop music!

    thanks a lot!

  150. New Single super junir M – released already also mv 4 super girl…hope can upload it….

    Thank u sooooo….much

  151. Also mv from T-ara & Supernova – Time To Love (TTL)

  152. thanks a lot for all the effort! I couldn’t thank you enough for sharing kpop related stuff ❤ we'll always be here to support you! hwaiting!!



  154. febrianii addith · ·

    u’re amazing ..

  155. Hi there! just want to let you know that you’ve done a great job for updating your site w perfs mvs albums as often as you can! your web is much alike as an antidote to satisfy our cravings ;D haha.

    could I just ask if you are able to post 2pm perfs frm 090507 & 090611 m!countdown?? search thru e tag but found nth. Nt sure if i can request them frm you??

  156. Hi, great job for all these videos!
    Greatly appreciated!
    I was just thinking will you be uploading Ft Island JongHun’s Ment Scandal with Eng Subs because i really wanna watch it.

  157. wow!!!
    you are so good
    thank for every thing ^^
    I’m same age but I’m Thai

  158. hi!! thanks so much for what youve been doing.

    can i make a request? Chuseok Special Shows… will you be following up on that?

  159. irna fibi · ·

    i don’t know your name, but one call you mariel, so i’ll just call you mariel

    thank you sooo much for creating this blog, i love kpop too, but i like super junior especially

    it’s really nice to find this blog 🙂

  160. ledoquyen · ·

    @ irna fibi: hi ^^~
    actually, i’m not mariel…i’m hailey ^^~
    it’s nice to meet you 🙂

  161. shamilaaah · ·

    hey, thanks a lot for sharing all those videos! really appreciate it! anyway, i’m 17 too! 😀 hahaha. just want to ask you something. are you going to upload the chuseok special videos?

  162. thank u so much for sharing
    u r so young but u must b good at computer
    here is a question
    I have downloaded 3 parts of a music vdo.
    How can i combine them together and open it?
    what program should i use?

  163. ledoquyen · ·

    @ptip: HJ Split ^.^

  164. hi! is there any way you could find FT Island’s “Raining” mp3 for me please? so far I only found rips from MVs so the quality is not good.

  165. thanks so much!

  166. Hello!!
    Thank you for uploading such high quality videos. I am sure you have very good efforts all the time. Thank you for showing!!

    Can I ask you?
    About this video, the download problem? (only me?)
    DOWNLOAD “BARAE + BECAUSE OF LOVE” [1280×720] (131mb)
    When I click “Start Download”, it does not start and the page is return again.
    As I really want to watch it, if the video will be ok, I will be very happy to see it.
    I hope it will be ok very soon!!

  167. ledoquyen · ·

    @Lyo: you must be downloading the “Lalala” show ^^~
    you should try again later ~ mediafire could be down again ~ but it will be back again soon!
    if you tried the whole day and it didn’t work XD…please try again tomorrow ^^~ i’m pretty sure it’s ok!
    hwaiting!! ^^~

  168. hai ledoquyen..
    thanks for sharing dozen of performance!!
    I always visiting your blog at least one time a day~~
    can I request performance,,,
    actually this is an old performance,,
    buT I really want to watch it in HQ
    maybe if you have it, can you share it for me..
    I’m sorry I sound a little egoist~~
    hihi.. truthfully I want to request MKMF 07
    princess battle dance~~
    I really want to watch KARA performance here~
    and offcourse all Girl Group performance..
    If you don’t mind, pleaseee

  169. kiddokk123 · ·

    hey ledoquyen!
    first of all i want to say thanks so much for sharing stuff 😀

    but there is a problem..
    i wanted to access your old blog (the yahoo one) cuz i need some old files.. but icant access it..
    when i click on the link it just takes me to yahoo main page 0_0

    is there a way i can access you old blog?
    please please get back to me (:

  170. You’re amazing you’re the best and I hope you’ll keep this blog forever.. I love all stages from your blog which you sharing with us.. you’re ana ngel . take care ❤ ;*


    i really really love u ❤
    i;m watching this drama becouse of you , cus u r translating it :*****

    Thank u thank u
    chumal komouyo ❤

  172. Gorillazack · ·

    Hi! can I have a request, I was wondering if you
    have a music video by CSJH the grace called One
    more time,OK(Korean version).It’s a little bit old
    but I like that MV very much and I can’t find it
    anywhere,I found a bunch of thai fan sites which have that song,but their download links direct me to nowhere but advertisments.So,if you have it please upload it for me,sorry to bother you and thanks in advance!!!!! 🙂

  173. Gorillazack · ·

    Hi! ledo,When I looked at my old folders,I found an old song ripped from a old concert,I liked that song very much but I can’t remember either artist name or song title,if it possible,can you please listen to it,and if you know please reply me,please! thank you so much in advance!!!!
    here’s the link,
    you’re the best!!! 🙂

  174. i’ve just discovered your blog and i’m so happy!!
    thankyou so much for your time and effort getting these videos out to us!! i really appreciate it!!
    you really are the best!

  175. Donny Kim · ·

    thank’s for share ^^

  176. priscilla · ·

    I’ve never seen this page before, but HELLO ! ^^ Love the work you people give and I agree your saying by do it yourself is the best.. Coz I’m kinda like that too xD Hahaha. Anyway, I wish I could help with the subbing team but I’m still learning Korean and it’s not really THAT good yet. So for now, I will just wait and enjoy all your sub videos gratefully ! ^^ Thanks for being patient and hwaiting !

  177. your age are same with my sister & you are clever than her & you are awesome! That’s so cool that you are at France! Do you speak French there?

  178. Hello ~~ !! You study in France ? I didn’t knew that, i’m french :D, sometimes, i came on your blog for download some files that i want ! 🙂
    Thanks u for doing this ^^

  179. Thank you for subbing You’re Beautiful! Please continue subbing until the last episode. ^_^

    You are awesome!!! ^_^

  180. hi hailey, we’re in the same age. but you’re awesome!thank u for subbing all the videos, keep up the goodwork!!saranghae!!hehehe
    I watched Hong Gi for the first time in Good Daddies, that is why it really catches my heart. it’s really impressive and joyful. Thank you for subbing them, would you also continue the next episodes, like episode 6 to 12?

    Gomasamnida 🙂

  181. yay hailey~!
    without you,
    i would suffer from not downloading HQ subbed you’re beautiful.
    my friend told me to just watch at mysoju.
    ugh,i cant! need to download,and must be HQ!
    lols, i love ur sub btw.
    fansubs FTW!
    love you! ;D
    dont even know if you’re gonna read this since they’re so many comments here.

  182. ledoquyen · ·

    keke .. don’t worry fathmah ^^~
    i read mostly all the comments here 🙂
    hey ! also, thanks for commenting on the subbers page ^^~
    it means a lot to us when receiving somebody’s support 🙂

  183. haha yeah.
    i’m much of a commentor.
    but i always am lazy to comment when i’m downloading.
    so just so u know i download many subbed vids here ;D
    mostly is you’re beautiful ^^

  184. HEYYYY! 😀
    wow you’ve got so many comments i had to scroll down so much! XD
    yay we’ve got more people in the team! i’m going on a holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks so i’ll talk to you again when i come back! 😀

  185. Hello Hailey!

    It’s very good to come back in your site. I came back from a big holiday, I went in Korea for a month and a week in Tokyo. It was just so fantastic!! I took photo of famous coffe prince! Unfortunately I didn’t see famous actors or singers T-T…But Korean guys are quite cute^^

    Thanks for share”You’re beautiful”, coz I saw some extracts in seoul!


  186. ohh loll so you know how to speak french?

  187. ohh keke^^
    I know how to speak french xP

  188. i’m impressed with your subbing team, dongsaeng.
    and you are studying in france? great! i’ve always wanted to study in france when i was in high school (that’s y i took french classes for 4 years) but God chose a better place for me. hihihi.

    hope you guys will keep going because you guys are great!

  189. thanks a lot!! hope you continue sharing 🙂

  190. come to cheer u up up up 😛

  191. hye there…drop by to say thanks for EVERYTHING that u shared with us!!
    u know what, i just found ur new website(360kpop)!!
    haha…thats why I’ve been wondering why u didnt upload performances like u do before here~
    so,as the minami drama already ended, why dont you subbed the GOOD DADDY show?? i want to see hongki n heechul!i want to see all episode of it(oh no,i become greedy!!~mianhe~)
    well,u said u hv some new project ahead after minami…i cant wait!!
    thanks for everything~~

  192. hi hailey..
    thanks for your hardwork..
    really2 love ur work^^
    will u guys sub the 4-episodes of you’re beautiful behind the scenes?
    i really hope u guys can make it coz i dont understand korean at all
    please guys..
    thanks a lot !!

  193. ledoquyen · ·

    er … i’ve just been back so i didnt know there were 4 BTS of Minami =D
    we may think of a way to sub them ^.^
    but raw file is a problem =P since i dont have time searching for any of them these days =P

  194. yup, there are 4 episodes bts and it hv ng from every episodes, 1-16
    thank you for considering to sub it
    lurve u guys much!!

  195. It’s 5.40am and i’ve just finish watching You’re beautiful…Wouah I know now why you like so much Hongki, and starting from today I become also a FAAANNNN(^O^)!!!!!!!!!!!!He is very cute in this drama!!! I really have appreciated his quality as an actor!
    Anyway thanks so much for sub it,merci,danke,gracias,arigato and Gamsa-amnida!!!!

    Luv u and the team^^

    ps:I think that you already have but I even send you the song “Very good words”

  196. HongkiComel88 · ·

    thanx a lot for sub ft stuff..i frequently checked your utube account and it just so wonderful=D…u’r really doing very good job and i will patiently waiting for happy island’s new project and take your time..hee..Kamsahamnida…

  197. Hi there! I hope this team will become successful! I’m looking forward to see your projects!

  198. ledoquyen · ·

    hi ,
    thank you for sending me the song … keke !! actually i didnt have the mp3 file =”>
    i just listened to it by watching the video again ^^~
    now … listening to hongki while sleeping ? XDXD
    hey ! come back more usual, ok ? ^^

  199. Hey Hailey!
    Happy that you got the song.
    As I am become a fan of Hongki, I will be for sure more on your blog, because it is the better source on the web^^

    Thanks Hailey (^-~)v

  200. hi…I dont know if you guy take sub requests…
    but if u do could u subs Star Golden Bell 100102 or u could sub jut the hongki cuts…

  201. wow, your vietnamese? but how come you know korean?

  202. PRIgoongju · ·

    wow you’re 91ers? omonaa i’m really really impressed 😀 i’m 92ers and now i even dont have time to play because i have to study hard for my exam. but you’re really amazing. i’m primadonna and i’m so thankful because of your blog. thank you so much for translating. * i have visited this blog for a long time, i’m sorry i have oppotunity to say thanks just now..THANKS SO MUCH ❤

  203. Hi,

    I just wanna say how I appreciate all your hardwork. I was wondering if you guys are gonna sub the rest of the idol army (season 2 eps 5-7) or good daddy… thanks a bunch…

  204. XYellowMellowX · ·

    hi, thank you so much for subbing and sharing all these stuffs. i’ve been stalking ur youtube channel for a while ^^

  205. hi.. where can i download this viden ” [ENG] Trend Report SS4 – Hongki & Jonghun (100204)”.. i really want download this video..
    would you upload this video.. thanks..

  206. ledoquyen · ·

    hi fiqiza,
    im currently having some problems with uploading that video right now ^^”
    i’ll try later and be sure the vid will be soon posted ~
    please comeback later ~ =]
    probably tomorrow ? ^^~

  207. hey! I’m glad you decided to start your own subbing team! Does that mean you guys will be finishing the random episodes of Good Daddy that aren’t subbed yet? *is hopeful*

    Anyway, I’m currently studying Korean, so maybe once I fail less at it, I’ll be able to join the team and help out xP


  208. ohmydear · ·

    Thanks a lot for your hard work
    I enjoy The Dad I Like very much 🙂

  209. ledoquyen · ·

    hi warywhim,
    sorry for the terribly late response ^^”
    yes…we’re trying to finish good daddy’s episodes but we wont promise anything since… u know, we’re just a small subbing team and … there’s still a lot of shows (those new ones) that need to be done first =]
    Wooh ~ so you’re learning korean ? ^^~ good luck with that !!! and..we’re always welcome you to the team =] anytime ;]

  210. zanyizzy · ·

    um, i have a queastion, the videos i download don’t work, could you tell me what player i need to watch these?

  211. Felizhongki · ·

    Hello Haily!

    I just learned that your YT is suspended which truly is a pity. So I just drop by your blog here to give you support and of course, million thanks as always, for all hard works you have done to share us the love for Hongki and FTI. I really hope you can get a new channel soon XD.

    Keep it up, girls!!
    Thank you, Merci, Cám ơn chị XD

  212. oh no worries! thanks for the reply and thanks for subbing everything else! hopefully you guys will have time to get around to finishing up good daddy sometime, but if not, no worries.
    lol I’ll let you know when my korean gets better xD

  213. jonghunluv · ·

    hello i noticed that your channel on youtube has been suspended…. i was so sad when i saw that because you guys are really good and i think your the only channel on youtube that has all ft subbed vids…. anyway i was wondering if you will be uploading subbed vids onto another channel

    really appreciate your work~

  214. ledoquyen · ·

    pls download HJSPLIT to combine all the parts together !

  215. ledoquyen · ·

    It’s Hailey and …
    thanks for all the nice words ^^~
    i’m working on the new channel, so… pls subcribe to it ^^~

  216. ledoquyen · ·

    we will be having a new channel soon ~
    yeah~ it’s a shock to me but i’ve prepared T.T T.T
    so .. pls promote and subscribe to it XD

  217. qwertyuhhuh · ·

    Hey! thanks for subbing so many fti vids! i was in the middle of watching them on yt when the account was suspended!!! :O
    are you gonna get a new account soon? really cant wait to watch all the shows!
    thanks again for all the hard work and great videos! i’m gonna try to learn korean ans help you guys out! i speak chinese though! maybe i could help! 😀
    anyway hope that you guys would sub all of good daddy and idol army!

  218. ledoquyen · ·

    hi ,
    we had a new channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/mytreasure5ive
    im still on the process of reuploading everything ^^”
    so, what’s the show you were watching ? =] … i might set it on first place of my reupload list XDXD

    And , you can really help if you’re fluent in both chinese and english.
    Please contact me if you’re interested in being Happy island’s chinese translator =]
    my email : ledoquyen90@gmail.com

  219. ninayskie · ·

    hello! 🙂 thanks for all the subs! really appreciate your hardwork.. I’m currently watching Good Daddy Show until YT suspended your account..
    BTW,thanks for re-uploading all vids to your account.. hope you could upload Good Daddy =] many many thanks! =]

  220. Hi , Hailey
    How you doing ?
    Kim told me that maybe you can help me >> sorry
    kim :$

    Frankly we are a small group we want to translate ( the good daddy show ) into our language
    If you have time I hope to help us to provide eng Subtitles for This show for Full episodes >> Even if was hardsub …. Can you ? ^__^

  221. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    Hi Hailey

    I’m Vietnamese too^^
    Thanks for ur hard work, we can understand what the boys say ^^
    I study both English and Chinese (a little) ><. Hope that in the future I can help you^^

    H.I is the best subteam of F.T Island!

  222. malditangjen · ·

    hiyee!!! I’ve been visiting your page quite frequently but I keep on forgetting to leave a note here.
    Thank you so much for sharing and subbing the videos of FT Island 😀

    I really appreciate all your efforts and hardwork.


  223. jonghunluv · ·

    hi i was wondering why the good daddy episodes are on private on your channel…. and also if theres a way for me to watch them without downloading thanks!^^

  224. hello! err, can i ask you to translate my you’re beautiful novel book? 😀 i know its too much, but even just one chapter please? 😀 i can send you a document of the contents via email. 😀 thanks in advance!

  225. ledoquyen · ·

    i sent a message to your email jiznivill@yahoo.com
    please check it out and tell me your answer soon ^^

  226. xXMzSmilesXx · ·

    Hiaa.. I was wondeirngc an youu PLEASE PLEASE reupload Good Daddy eng subs on youtube! And also Maknae Rebellion ep 7,8,9,11,13.
    If you could upload these again> I’ll be internally grateful to you guys.
    NVM if you can’t.I’ll forever love you guyss =))

  227. Hi! I love your Good Daddy subs. Please continue subbing it. At least ep7-11. pleaseeee… I can help you with whatever in exchange.

  228. loveftisland · ·

    well done to all your subbing works.
    Will you be subbing flower boy generation where there is minhwan, jonghun and seunghyun?

  229. Nisa amalina · ·

    annyeong~ may i request something??
    can the subbber sub FT Island idol army?? i’m indonesian and i don’t understand korean.. i really want to watch idol army season 2 with eng sub.. pleaseee~ thank you for subbing FT Island video and show~ xDD love you subbers xDD

  230. luckyclover2 · ·

    hi 🙂
    I wanted to say thanks for uploading all these videos related to ft island. I’m currently trying to watch good daddy but I can’t seem to find english subs for episodes 7-9. there are episodes partly subbed but not fully. I was just wondering if you could continue subbing good daddy and upload it on YouTube or a file sharing site. thanks again for all the videos 🙂

  231. sara_sweety899 · ·

    hey thanks a lot for the good work..
    wish u all the luck ^^

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