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Brought to you by Happy Island Subs Translated & Romanized by yuyume Timed by jinhun Timed & K-timed by orento K-effects & Encoded by winterxstar Uploaded by hongkifangirl, pimiimip Comments and thank yous are always appreciated :3 Please credit properly if sharing~!

[ENG] CN Blue – Hey You MV

Brought to you by Happy Island Subs Translations from pop-gasa Romanized by winterxstar Timed by jinhun, winterxstar Uploaded by hongkifangirl, pimiimip Thank yous are always appreciated of course :3 And please credit properly if sharing!

[ALBUM] CNBLUE EARFUN – Hangul + Romanizations

1. Hey You 나 혼자 미치도록 너만을 미치도록 널 사랑하고 사랑한 그게 잘못이라면 아니야 아니야 이건 정말 아니야 Dudu Durudu Love again 매일 매일 dubab dubab 걸어봐 둘이 걷던 거리를 걸어봐 Once again Back again ge ringer ringer ringer ring 하루하루 Monday Tuesday better day 또 웃을 거라고 위로해 보지만 내겐 너뿐이야 Goodbye darling hey […]