[HIRING] Translators for Happy Island Subs!

Hello! We would like to make an announcement that our subbing team Happy Island Subs is currently looking for Korean, Chinese and Japanese translators who have some time and are interested in joining the subbing team. We’re in lack of translators and staff right now, and in order to provide you all with lots of subbed shows for FT Island & CN Blue, we need the power of some awesome translators who are willing to help! The number of available translators on our team are slowing getting smaller, but without translations, we’re unable to sub many of your favorite shows. So that’s why, if you, a friend or any Primadonna that you know loves FT Island and has enough free time to spare, please consider filling out an application and joining Happy Island Subs! We would love to have you be a part of our team 😀

HOWEVER, you must apply to these requirements:

– Must be fluent or at least have a strong grasp (reading, writing or/and speaking) in either Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
– Also, must be fluent or at least have a strong grasp of the English language (grammar, spelling, etc.) well enough to translate.
– Japanese translators will translate directly from the raw video or from Japanese subs.
– Chinese translators will translate from Chinese subs on the video.

Application for translators can be found here: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=11

If you can’t be a translator, but want to help out in some way, make sure to spread the word about Happy Island Subs as well as this message here! We appreciate all the help that we can get <33

Thank you!


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