[ENG] Good Daddy episode 7 (081220)

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Ah, totally forgot to update this blog with this release!
More Good Daddy goodness for you all~

Translated by riceleung, skullys, NoodlesXDD, michelle
Subbed by winterxstar

Korean word of the day!
boyfriend: 남자친구 (namja chingu)

Good Daddy episode 7 is really fun to watch.
Jungeun invites her friends over including her boyfriend,
who gets to meet her daddies for the first time!
watch for the fights between Hongki and Jungeun’s boyfriend xD

As always, download and youtube links can be found at our forum!


  1. why i can’t downald? -.-

  2. Uh, because you need to join our forum to download.
    If you already joined, then please read the rules.. you need 30 posts to see the download links.

  3. And how do we do that, join the forum i mean.

  4. Well I don’t know if you’ve joined forums before… but,
    just go to this link: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Happy_Island/index.php?
    Register for an account (also don’t forget to validate your account! the forum will send you an email to the one you registered with). Then you’ll be able to post/reply to threads, discussions, etc. in order to increase your post count. Also don’t forget to read the forum rules, you need at least 30 posts/replies in order to see the download links.
    Hope that helps ^_^

  5. Thank you

  6. i love this show!

  7. thanks to subbing this..^^

  8. how again ? i don’t really understand it ..

  9. where do i have to do the posts ?

  10. Read the faq I posted on the front page of the blog please ^^

  11. I Love this show , soo awesome :3

  12. wow,,,i really love this show…..
    i hope u can sub more of this episode…

  13. i wany the linkssss

  14. way to go…

  15. Dude… stop spamming on this post.
    If you want to get the download links, you have to register at the forum.
    Please read the FAQ: https://ledoquyen.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/happy-island-f-a-q/
    it will answer all of your questions.

  16. hi…i looked at the forum but the list doesn’t have episode 7 🙂
    can you update the link? thanks

  17. The list is probably not updated right now. But if you look at the first page of the Released Projects, search for the forum topic for episode 7.
    It doesn’t hurt to search around, it should be there.

  18. wow,,,this episode was really funny,it make my eyes teary,,,i really enjoy this show,,thanks for subbing!!!

  19. hongdragon · ·

    wow,,,thanks for subbing!!

  20. where’s the download link??

  21. Read the post, you have to go to the forum to find the download links: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Happy_Island/index.php?
    But the subbing team has closed the released project section due to people making money off the the videos,
    so you’ll have to wait for the links at the FORUM; also you’ll need 30 total posts to be able to see the links.

  22. Amazing prog

  23. Thank for amazing program

  24. D@inelle · ·

    Hi!i’m new in happy island forum why can’t i see the download links…??i really want to watch ep 7…please teach me how…cause this is my first time joining in a forum…thanks…

  25. Check out the general rules: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=9
    You need a total of 30 posts before you can see the download links.
    and if you need help posting, you can check out this tutorial here: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=1723

  26. cabsbans0593 · ·

    why can’t i watch this? 😥

  27. Download links are not provided on this blog anymore, you must register at the forum happyislandsubs.com

  28. heechul!!!

  29. bogiebearpartypants · ·

    um i already joined the site but i dont noe what to do from there. where do u post? and how can i find the video?

  30. You post at different sections of the forum to increase your post count. If it’s your first time at a forum, you can check out the posting tutorial here: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=1723.
    After you gain your 30 posts, a section will appear where you can find the videos.

  31. number1elf · ·

    I cant see the linkk.

  32. Thank

  33. Thanks for your eng sub. It is still funny even though it is an old show. Hong ki is so cute.

  34. Thank u, although i didn’t have the chance to DL it.
    isn’t 30 post too much, especially that I’m not F.TIsland fan & have nothing to say.
    I wanna watch it cause of heechul only 😉

  35. Forum rules are forum rules. But if you want to watch it, someone reuploaded the subs even though they’re not supposed to, which you can watch here: http://ithetimes.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/eng-sub-081220-good-daddy-the-dad-i-like-ep-7/

  36. Thanx for the link! appreciate it…

  37. i want to enjoy this show too, but i don’t know how to see it :s

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