Monthly Archives: November 2010

[ENG] Good Daddy episode 7 (081220)

Ah, totally forgot to update this blog with this release! More Good Daddy goodness for you all~ Translated by riceleung, skullys, NoodlesXDD, michelle Subbed by winterxstar Korean word of the day! boyfriend: 남자친구 (namja chingu) Good Daddy episode 7 is really fun to watch. Jungeun invites her friends over including her boyfriend, who gets to […]

[ENG] Happy Birthday Show Ep. 18 (100913)

translated by grace and scottrishka timed by nigirimeshi and hailey typesetted by nigirimeshi and winterxstar encoded by winterxstar Happy Birthday Show episode featuring Hongki. In case you’re wondering, yes.. it’s the episode where he talks about the pimples on his butt~ haha xD Korean word of the day: 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida) Happy Birthday! Download […]