[ENG] MTV Treasure Island Ep. 2 (070817)

Translated by skullys
Subbed by winterxstar

First Happy Island release of this show!
If you’re wondering where episode 1 is, our team is still working on it!
However there are problems with the raw video file, and we’re unable to sub the episode yet.
Please be patient~ But on the bright side…
Happy Island will be subbing all episodes of MTV Treasure Island! ❤
Isn’t that exciting to hear?

Download and Youtube links are available at our forum!



  1. rly thanx for this ..

  2. cn.island_24 · ·

    where can i get the download link for this video?

  3. cn.island_24 · ·

    is there any post requirements?

  4. You can download it at Happy Island’s forum here:
    and yes, you need a minimum of 30 posts to see the download links.

  5. i say in your schedule that you dropped EP1 ?
    is it right or you’re working on it ,,

  6. Yeah, we dropped episode 1.
    There were problems with the raw video that couldn’t be fixed,
    and it was impossible to sub anything with it, so we had no choice but to drop it :/

  7. i downloaded it but there’s something wrong with the sound ,, it won’t be with the video , please check this problem

  8. i mean not the same time ,, it’s a little bit before the video

  9. There were problems with the RAW video of this episode as well.
    If i remember correctly, it only happens at the beginning and it’s a little glitch.
    if it’s not affecting the rest of the video and the sound and video is synced, then the video should be okay
    it was encoded many times, but no matter what was done, the problem with the sound at the beginning was still there.

  10. Drawien · ·

    Well, it’s been a while since you subbed this, but I just recently started to watch their shows from the beginnings. I’m really glad to find everything at the forums. Thank you for the quality job as always. 🙂

  11. sinyee260194 · ·

    hi, i would like to ask, how do i watch the video. it seems that when i click the link, it lead me back to the homepage.
    im new here, hope you can help me with this. thanks.

  12. Ah sorry~ you have to register for an account at the forum before you can see the download links ^^
    And also get a total of 30 posts before you can see them

  13. chiisai_kodomo · ·

    i already register but i still cannot see this video..

  14. You need a total of 30 non-spam (15 words or more & do not do all 30 posts within one day of registration) posts before you can see the download links.

  15. nice!!

  16. Thanks for the upp~ ^^

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