Monthly Archives: October 2010

[ENG] MTV Treasure Island Ep. 2 (070817)

Translated by skullys Subbed by winterxstar First Happy Island release of this show! If you’re wondering where episode 1 is, our team is still working on it! However there are problems with the raw video file, and we’re unable to sub the episode yet. Please be patient~ But on the bright side… Happy Island will […]

FT Island Trend the Muzit + Making of

Translated by scottishrika Subbed by Hailey Happy Island presents another release! FT Island – Trend The Muzit (100828) and FT Island – Trend Making The Muzit (100828). The Trend Making the Muzit is where you’ll see the boys being silly with each other, so I would definitely recommend FT Island fans to watch this! 😀 […]