[ENG] Good Daddy episode 8 (081227)

Translated by Scottirshrika, Xiaosi, god_loves_rice
Edited by Euni
Subbed by winterxstar

Another awesome release from Happy Island!
The daddies run a marathon with their daughter in this episode, and I think everyone will love Hongki in here. He shows how much of a caring and adorable 아빠 he is. ❤
Korean word of the day! 아빠 (a’ppa = daddy)

Megaupload, mediafire and filesend links are available for download.
And Youtube links are shared too, if you want to watch online! 😀

You know the drill, go to our forum to find the download links!

♥ winterxstar



  1. I love the Ft island, especially the commander

  2. thanks… I’ve been waiting for this

  3. thanks ;)) i’ve just waited for this ep ;))

  4. Thaaaankss Ive wanted to watch this again ;D

  5. Hi
    I’m sorry this is my first time here. So if I want to watch where should I go.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hello~
    Sign up at our forum to get the download links:

    Please read the rules after you join though!
    You will need a total of 30 posts before you can get access to them ^^

  7. how can i watch this subbed clips..???
    please.. i really wanted to wqatch this clips…

  8. You have to join our forum to get the download links,
    or to be able to watch it online.

  9. I like heechul and HongKi together
    they are cute and funny

  10. Hongstarlight · ·

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Can someone help me i think im blind but i went through the lisy twice and i cant find ep 8 >0<

  12. Oh never mind thirds a charm found it! LOL BTW will you guys be subbing ep 5 and 6?? please do it!!!

  13. wow that’s funny to write 30 comments to get the permission to see the download link. this one is my second one.
    usually people don’t have such a Patience to do such things.
    As a friend I’d like to say that you will lose many new visitors and users with this rule.
    Anyway that’s your right to decide how to share.
    Good luck and thank you.

  14. why i can`t watch it?

  15. Thank you so much for sharing!
    hongki and heechul together ❤

  16. cuteeee!

  17. hi… i cant find this ep… plz help me… can u give me the link??

  18. Download at forum: z7.invisionfree.com/happy_island
    Register for an account, according to the rules, you need 30 posts that are not spam.. meaning you can’t have all 30 posts in one day and each post/reply you make must have 15 words or more or else you’ll get warned.

  19. i already reg, n post a comment… 100++ comment but still i cant fine this ep…. T_T

  20. Please look around the forum, there was a topic posted about this issue:
    You need to post your username and the number of posts you have at that topic so an admin can help you.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing!
    hongki and heechul together ❤

  22. annaroseabion · ·

    plss….let me watch this….i’ve already registered myself but i still i can’t watch this….i want to watch this so much!!!!…plzzz

  23. thx for d upload~

  24. sorry, ive registered to this account. can you explain briefly hw to download the episodes.. ive read the instruction, but i still dont get it.. please help me.. i do really wanna watch the episode! 😦

  25. Please read the general rules: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=9. You need a total of 30 posts before seeing the download links, but remember not to spam — posts must have 15 words or more, and you can’t post all 30 posts in one day which will result to spamming.

  26. skull_11 · ·

    i can’t download it !!

  27. Did you already register at the forum? You need a total of 30 posts before seeing the videos.

  28. i can’t find the link to download ?? please show me

  29. Read the rules: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=9. You need 30 posts.
    If it’s your first time at a forum, and you don’t know how to post, you can read this tutorial here: http://happyislandsubs.com/index.php?showtopic=1723

  30. really want to watch>.<

  31. number1elf · ·

    Thanks >_<

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