[ENG] Star Golden Bell (100904) – FT Island CUT

Translated by Jaimi Sun
Subbed by Hailey

Yay~ more new releases from Happy Island subbing team!
It’s the episode most fans have been waiting for with FT Island’s comeback on variety shows~
Too bad Minhwan and Jaejin weren’t able to participate with the other three boys T_T
I wonder where they were? D:

Anyways, we only subbed the FT Island cuts, so no fully subbed show for you all…
but at least we get to watch the English subbed parts of our boys yeah? 😀 😀

Go visit our forum to find the download links of the show~
(Go, go! in Korean) xD hehe

♥ winterxstar


  1. I can’t seem to open the page, though i signed in the forum. why?

  2. Well if you read the general rules,
    it says you need 30 posts or more to get access to the download links ^^

  3. thanx a lot ^_____________^

  4. sunhearts · ·

    I can’t seem to go to the page. Is the forum down?

  5. Yeah, it seems like there was something wrong with the forum hosting site.
    I was having trouble with the pages loading earlier too. I think it’s okay now though!

  6. i can only see a frog in ice cube

  7. yup i need to sign up to the forum too
    i badly want to watch them =(

  8. why cant i dl?

  9. why not open

  10. muchas graciaaas !!!

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