[ENG] Good Daddy Episode 9 (090103)

Translated by melisasasa, xiaosi,
teukie_is_my_angel, scottirishka., twiceandagain
Edited by Euni
Subbed by winterxstar

Hello~~ How has everyone been lately? 😀

On behalf of Happy Island subbing team, I want to say sorry for not updating this blog anymore with new updates of our subbed videos. Most of our updates are done at our new forum! So if you haven’t joined yet, or randomly found this blog recently, please check it out for the newest updates ^^


Anyways, I will continue to update this blog more often when we release new subbed videos~ hehe. Just in case some people still use this blog to stay updated with our subbing team 😛

Good Daddy episode 9 has been subbed! I bet you all have been waiting for new releases for this show yeah?
Hongki appa and the other daddies help with their daughter’s talent show in this episode~ And they do a secret santa with each other too! Can you guess who Hongki chose? xD


To download HQ episode of the show or to watch it online, please visit our forum to get access to the show! By the way, our forum now requires at least 30 posts or more before you are able to download, just to let you all know 🙂

♥ winterxstar


  1. thanks for the subbed. i’ve been waiting for the subbed quite longer. thanks again:)

  2. thanks for this ep ;))

  3. thanks

  4. wait for me ! i haven’t reach the 30 posts yet ^_^

  5. hey !!! how can …

  6. gingerfur · ·

    Are posts just like comments like this?

  7. No, you have to register at the forum happyislandsubs.com in order to post.

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