[ENG] 080410 FT Island Brain Battle [640×352]

Translated by Xiaosi, scottishrika, cuecuecue, Jaimi Sun
Timed by winterxstar & Hailey
Typesetted by Jinhun

Old show alert! hehe. Finally a fully subbed video of Brain Battle with FT Island 😀

For all you Wonbin fans out there, this is a must watch if you’ve been missing him lately!
The boys were so young and cute back then :3

Download the entire show at our forum!
Mediafire, megaupload, filesend and Youtube links are available for you all~
Remember, to all the new readers out there, 30 posts are required to see the download links!


♥ winterxstar


  1. i’ve been looking for this show with full ep and eng sub. Thank you so much!! *kiss
    God Bless you!

  2. thank you so much for great job

  3. feel so awkward to make new post ~.~ afraid of being ignored.. haha. so i decided to just reply others’ posts. can u change the rules ? XD

  4. thanks for the sub! been looking all over for this. how di u want it?

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