Monthly Archives: September 2010

[ENG] Good Daddy episode 8 (081227)

Translated by Scottirshrika, Xiaosi, god_loves_rice Edited by Euni Subbed by winterxstar Another awesome release from Happy Island! The daddies run a marathon with their daughter in this episode, and I think everyone will love Hongki in here. He shows how much of a caring and adorable 아빠 he is. ❤ Korean word of the day! […]

[ENG] Star Golden Bell (100904) – FT Island CUT

Translated by Jaimi Sun Subbed by Hailey

[ENG] 080410 FT Island Brain Battle [640×352]

Translated by Xiaosi, scottishrika, cuecuecue, Jaimi Sun Timed by winterxstar & Hailey Typesetted by Jinhun Old show alert! hehe. Finally a fully subbed video of Brain Battle with FT Island 😀

[ENG] Good Daddy Episode 9 (090103)

Translated by melisasasa, xiaosi, teukie_is_my_angel, scottirishka., twiceandagain Edited by Euni Subbed by winterxstar Hello~~ How has everyone been lately? 😀