[NOTICE] A MUST Read Announcement

Hi everybody


Have u watched F.T’s Music Bank Comeback stage? Awesome XD~~!!!
It’s a pity they performed only one song :”>. I really want to see more, so greedy =))

Just kidding a bit ^^. To welcome back our Treasure Islands, we are so happy to give you guy


Interesting, right? ^^
There will be no restriction !!! APPLY FOR ALL THE FORUMS IN THIS SITE


is this wonderful or what ?!


All the members are now able to access our‘RELEASED PROJECTS’ section, no matter how many posts you had
You should take advantage of this unrestricted time ^^,


only in 3 days: August 28th, 29th and 30th. The links are now available.

Take ur time and have fun with our boys ^^.

There will also be a Designing Contest which will be up in a couple hours . Please join us !!!


And remember to support us more in the future.

With love


Happy Island Staff.


  1. You gals are great!!
    Thank you so much for this special “offer” (sounded like shopping though) on our boyz D-DAY..: ) I’m sure the forum/blog will get extremely busy these 3 days..

  2. thankyou so much! 🙂

  3. Thanks a bunch for the good news!

  4. Hello,

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  5. burberrieLOVE · ·

    i’m missing your updates! 😦

  6. thanks for this video, i like so much

  7. Sorry! Hailey has been really busy this year, and doesn’t have time to update anymore ):
    But you can always check Happy Island’s forum to see the latest updates~

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